IsoAcoustic Gaia

Anybody got any knowledge fo the IsoAcoustic Gaia for speakers.

Try the search function there are threads regarding Gaia…

Hi I just installed the Gaia ll on my Focal Aria 926s I will let you know if I hear a big difference in bass and soundstage.

That will be great i will need the gaia 1 which is 1198 pounds for sopra 2.

Hi how are you getting on with Gaia.?

They do seem to make a difference, although I still need to play with the positioning i.e I need to move them further apart to produce a better soundstage when listening at higher volumes. I would love to hear the Sopra 2s with the Uniti. I have auditioned the Uniti Atom and Nova with the Kanta 2 and they sounded amazing. Cheers

I have the sopra 2 nearly 2 weeks now and they sound superb I have mine 92 inches apart from center of drivers and 25 inches from front wall to front of driver and 32 from side wall to center of driver with about 18 degree toe-in. I bought ex demo but got not floor discs just cheap plastic discs.


Very nice setup, I have the Gaia’s on plastic sliders so I can easily move the speakers apart. Typically I have them right up against the audio cabinet when not in use. The Gaia’s perform best when you have the speakers in a permanent position as they have a rubber foot that sticks to the floor. Based on the weight of your Sopras you probably don’t want or need to move them once they are in place.

Yes that’s correct I will not be moving them now they sound good for this room I will be putting some gik impression panel’s behind the speakers on the wall.

Hi did you experiment any further with the gaia.

Yes I found the bass was noticeably tighter with the Gaia’s and less boomy.

I got a set under ATC Active speakers.

Love them, for not silly money, they work for me.

The bass is definitely punchy instead of boomy.


My experience as well (with Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinum). Gaia II made the bass more punchy, dynamic, refined. Better soundstage too.

Gaia under my Isobariks


Yesterday I was in the fortunate position to buy some Gaia II 2nd hand, only slightly used, good as new. New, two sets would have set me back €700. I now paid half that amount. If I would have bought new, I would have bought the Gaia 1 since my speakers don’t weigh a ton, but these work fine too and if I ever go big on speakers again they will do the job too.
Yesterdag I did compare one fitted with Gaia to one without a Gaia. There was a big difference in vibration on the Belgian bluestone below. The bass is very nice. And where as before I had a very nice soundstage with 3D image etc…I now hear the artist singing in the shower upstairs…naked mind you.


Very nice where did you get the stone the speaker stand is on.

A stonemason in a town nearby made it for me. It’s 35 x 35 x 2 cm. Below the topstone there’s 1 cm rubber and below that there’s 1 stoeptegel (sidewalk tile) . Below that there’s felt to prevent scratches.

I use Gaia 111’s under my Dynaudio XD 600’s, and they weigh 59 pounds each. The 111’s are made for up to 70 pounds, the 11’s are from 70-120 pounds, the 1’s are for 120-220 pounds. The Gaia’s are specifically made for a certain weight (check their website), so I suggest you add some fill to your stands to get them above 70 pounds. You also had it backwards when you said you should of got the 1’s, you should of got the 111’s, like mine. Currently, they will not be working correctly as designed I am afraid.Also, I would set them directly on the floor.