Isolation Strategy

Dears I would like to share your experience in isolation strategy because it is a sensitive topic for me.
If I understood correctly the starting point for isolation is the loudspeakers and the isolation tools from towhshend are top in this area.
Second step of isolation is power amp
Third step could be hc and then pre and source
Am I right in these priority?
The tools for isolation I know are from townshend and SRA do you have experiences or other suggetions?
I know that some use shun mook or combak harmonic between electronics and isolation platform to tune the sound, It sound strange to me. Do you have experience on it?

Thank you

Don’t have any experience of the Townshend components but what sort of rack do you have?

This topic to me is really sensitive because I don’t have a rack but i’m using my living room furniture

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Is it possible to use a rack and maintain domestic harmony?

no it isn’t


to resume, if I catch properly: glass base with feet made with silicon nitride ball and brass base?

It might be useful to give more detail on the components you need to accommodate/isolate as this will make a difference to the stacking order advice given.

Yes, in very rough terms that’s right.

and where could you find it? I mean balls and feet

That thread gives details of exactly how to do this, inc. online auction site vendors.

It’s very inexpesnsive.

What equipment are you attempting to isolate/support?

devore gibbon 3 xl speakers, nap 250, nac 282, hi cap and dac v1

Are the electronics stacked on top of each other? Are you able to separate them which would be a start.

If you upload a photo of the gear it will help.

they are closed in a furniture, you could only see devores and the tv in the middle

Even so a picture of the internals might be helpful :+1:

Now it is in the trasformation phase.
This is the top with v1 and iside the old olive with the rega ios phonostage

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Anybody who dismisses sorbothane doesn’t understand materials science or vibration.

That would be very very silly.

I should know - I have a PhD in vibration.

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