Kudos 606 for olives?

What also is to reconsider with my testing here is that I think 606 runs a bit louder than I heared with SBL. Not so afraid any more to blow anything of sbls speakers :joy:

I’ve had Gaia II on my 606s for a few months now and love them. I’m on a hardwood floor on concrete base. They are just the job and an improvement on the Track Audio spikes and shoes (which I’ve now sold).
Good luck but from my perspective and experience you can buy with confidence.

Here’s a pic of mine in position. Speakers are 30cm from rear wall.


After plugging out the speaker cable from SBL I recognized a wobbling connector at one crossover…
Deja vu… think this was loose for some time… oops.
Disconnected the crossover - it has a broken soldering spot. This should be easily be fixed.
Kudos stays… :heart_eyes:

Now I only need some new banana plugs as the old ones are a bit loose on naca5 speaker side. They sit tight with a slight push at the end but easily came loose when pulled. 20y old.
New ones will be fine …

Thank you very much Toon. I think there is no easy way out, I have to order Gaia II :joy:
What I concerned more is if the sound steers on the bright side with too much sterile bass response(compared to track audio spikes and its shoes cups)

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That’s exactly what is holding me also a little back - but as I have them here I could give it a try :grinning:

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I did not experience this when moving to the Gaias. If anything….exactly the opposite. Bass and mids improved for sure. Vocal clarity better too.

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I am a bit afraid tightening the chassis.
With 606 you can only thighten 4 of 6 chassis.
But could ask kudos if one should tighten the screws.

Went to a hifi show today. Getting bigger every year.
When I came I really loved my system most of all i heared today … ok, Wilson audio was impressive … but too much thunderstorm…
606 is best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m not familiar with how Kudos speakers are built, but I think it’s a fair assumption that vibrations will cause any screws in a speaker cabinet to work loose over time, gradually degrading the sound quality. I’d suggest contacting the manufacturer.

There may also be forums out there that might help you. There are hi-fi enthusiasts who obsess over torque, and you may find someone who’s done some experiments on the 606, and can tell you what works and what doesn’t.

Which Wilson you listened to?

Alexia V - 100k Euro

Incredible. Was looking at a simple SabrinaX

@mech hi… Sabrina X is a good speaker . I would suggest you give a few other makes a good demo too …Eg … Dynaudio confidence 30 , Magico S5 , Marten , Raidho , SF Armati… they pair well w Naim gears .:smiley:

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I was only a few moments in this room - big room with the most crowd …
But from pictures it must be the alexia …
It was loud and extremely dynamic but the presentation left me a bit underwhelmed…
To much thunderstorm - missing a bit the musical touch.
But it was not the best listening position and boom boom music.

Back at home from the hifi exhibition I found it a bit more rough and totally groovy with 606 and olive (thread title :smiley:)

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I was offered a fantastic price for 2x6m super lumina ls cable…
What should I do?
Superlumina against naca 5 - I read a lot about it.
Re-selling is possible but with expensive cables will take some time.

Take it. New SL speaker cable is currently on long delivery. I found it trounced KS-1 with my 707’s.


What are the differences to ks1 - ks1 I have tested here but at the end preferred naca5

Firtly, I have to say at nearly 10x the cost of the KS-1 cable, I’d be disappointed if the SL speaker cable didn’t improve on the Kudos cable but, as we all know logic doesn’t always follow with this hobby.

To me the SL offered more of everything. The mid range was to die for, bass better defined and deeper, more detail. Pieces just hung together better and sounded a more cohesive whole.

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Drago, I really suggest that you just live with your system as is for awhile.
Let everything settle in.
Get to know your new system before further changes.


Indeed, I am interested in SabrinaX, Titan series, Marten also looked really capable. Dynaudio is really too tall of a floorstander. All will beat my Special 40 no doubt :laughing: