Kudos 606 for olives?

That’s what I will do. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But… Saw a solstice for a good price :rofl:
No - there will be no fun, I go for the next before enjoying the last one

Same here with 808s. Given all the enthusiasm for them I borrowed a set of KS-1 and tried them in place of my SL cables. Unfortunately I found they muted the upper frequencies, so was happy to switch back to the SL.

Coming from 35y old SBL there is even with naca 5 a upper frequencies overload with 606 (at first impression)
Ks1 does more resolution and SL much more and more balance… as i remember when demonstrated

Strange isn’t it. I liked the KS-1 until I tried the SL. Now I can’t wait to get rid of it. Unfortunately, I’m told, the SL speaker cable is in 13-16 weeks delivery.

When WH announced the Spectre they pitched it as SL level at 40% of the price.

I listened to some SL at a dealer on 606s and was very impressed. I then took delivery of Spectre a couple of weeks later as an upgrade to my KS-1.

WH’s marketing-speak was accurate.

It’s a shame they went out of business. I reckon Spectre would have been a successful product.

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The SL is expensive but very good. I’ve bought my DIN - DIN and DIN - XLR’s second hand. Speaker cable is much harder though as it rarely comes up used and I’ve never seen it close to the length I want. It’s always way too short or long. One is then too expensive and if it won’t reach the speaker(s) it’s really not much use :joy:

Here in Germany the SL speaker cable come up regularly - mostly around 3m, I need 6m.

drago, sorry to change the subject but try this on your new 606s. i think you like electronic.


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Will listen immediately

100 % Match. That’s exactly my music
A must buy!

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Joy Orbison


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Have not tested toeing in yet.
Anyone done it - what changes wending so?
Will there be less room? More treble? Better voices?

Mine do not have any toe in tried it and reverted back they sound better in my room without toe in.


Kudos recommend firing straight ahead and I’d agree with them.

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toe-in for me didn’t work at all, not near as good.

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I agree. Sounded very congested with toe in, opened up completely without. I also found the Kudos recommendation of 2m between speakers made a big difference too.

My 606s are toed in a few degrees, because of room acoustics. Long story, but I’ve had issues with side wall reflections (windows) and the slight toe-in stops this and allowed me to move my speaker closer to the rear wall (30cm ish) to bring out more lower end.

Kudos titans are very revealing and sensitive. Speaker position makes a big difference to the balance of the sound. You can spend a long time experimenting!

I would second that. I move my HiFi around so in could move from 1.5 to 2m apart. It really opened up the soundstage!

Kudos speakers should not be toed-in.