Kudos 606 for olives?

I can only manage 1,8 m so far.
Do you measure the distance from tweeter to tweeter or the inner sides of the speakers.

Inner sides of speakers as shown on Kudos website.

Yeah - that’s what I read in the kudos recommendation.
My stereo Triangel is a bit smaller - fine :grinning:

You stayed with NACA5 or? Superlumina on its way?

No - stayed on naca 5.
Have still a wonderful offer for SL but hesitating due to my mind to let settle in.

Soundpicture is different to SBL - and my ears adapt… with better and phantastic days and … :rofl:

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SL is over 75% discount.

My latest mind f… is voices…
This was one of the big „strengths“ of SBL. With SBL doing much less bass all was upper mid dominated - pushing the voices forward. Same (or even more) in my second system (nd5xs2/nDAC/XPs/nait50/n-sats).
With 606 all is much more refined - and (very good) a bit darker in the mids. As now there is room backwards for the first time also the singer is placed different in some songs - in others „lap singing“ as I know it :rofl: But when I concentrate on the voice, I realize that with 606 it overall so much more complete.
All is wonderful and on the other hand - there is nothing 100% pefect in life.

Ps: as a person who thinks about the influence of changing the center speaker for another with nearly same size drivers, things are different when it comes to hearing strange things :rofl:

At this moment 606 are phantastic!
What they bring as impressive in a massive way is the groove!
Call it musical or PRAT … and this was more dominant with naca 5 than ks-1.
as i remember having heared all cables the SL and Vertere are more on the detail side and the naca 5 and ks1 differ in the ks1 being a bit in the detail direction. Naca 5 most complete or together sounding.

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I’m not surprised you like NACA5 more knowing you like bass and low end groove :slight_smile: They do bit of the same as Lavender do IMO. Cables is a great way to tune the last missing pieces in sound signature.

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As you might know - love lavender too.
But journey never ends - maybe next stop nap500… and than …:laughing:

Not that I like bass especially - I had very less in the past due to SBL in sub optimal position

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Mine are 1.9m tweeter to tweeter so less if you measure from inside to inside. As you can see from the picture, im a little constrained as the room is only 3.8m wide and I need to keep the speakers away from the side walls. You can also see the slight toe-in, because of those windows which really effect the sound (they smear it if the speakers point toward)


My room is 7,5m broad - luck here.
Tweeter to tweeter I have a bit more than 2 m

A supercap as cupholder - cool


This is the positioning I’ve managed to achieve with my 606s (diagram is from the Kudos website).

I’ve settled on 30cm from rear wall and no toe-in.


I have seen this diagram. At my place a little smaller 1,8 m between and 2,05 m to front of sofa


It’s on demo. To be honest, I don’t think it’s doing much for me. The Chord M6 power block is doing much more (also on lone).

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Are you a Supercap ? Hahaha


If he is, he needs to move a bit to the left :slight_smile:

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I wonder if he is a doctor, or not. I don’t see a dr stick.

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NICE Finish - Walnut I assume.


I am a Bit experimenting with the position.
Currently 23cm from the wall. Measured from backside of wooden side panel to wall.
Going further back will increase bass (which I like) but reduce midrange sparkle and air? Correct.
Will test a bit more - but re arranging spikes is a real pita