Kudos 606 for olives?

i believe that you’ve experimented with some different cups and feet for the 606s. just thought i’d share what i use which sounds great, balanced with tight bass, detailed and great soungstage, also allows for very easy movement of the speakers. herbie’s cone/spike decoupling glider. i use the titaium ones.


Anybody tried to tighten the screws holding the plint while speakers are seated on the spikes? Mine is loose it seems. It is a 4mm alien key i think. Asking because I have nobody to ask for help.

Yes, I tilted my speakers to one side, resting against a chair. I was able to hold the speaker and tighten two bolts. I then tilted in the opposite direction and repeated. The whole process was then repeated on the other speaker. It meant that I did not lose the speaker position.

I have had my speakers for nearly 5 years and this was the first time that I tightened them. They only needed a slight nip so I didn’t really need to tighten them.

Yes I did - works!

Scared of tilting them. I got 707 and they weight 50kg.
Now i was able to tighten the two screws at the front. But to reach the screws at the back seems very tricky!

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Yes, mine are the 606s, around 35kg and not so tall I so more manageable.

Positioning is hell (to me)
Brought them from 23cm to 22cm … and moved them back in a bit to 22,5cm.
Now 5mm different to before… all in the mind …

I can hear a 5mm change in toe-in on my DBL’s. One thing I try to look for with positioning is getting a sort of ‘charged’ stereo effect. Difficult to describe but it’s when the left and right channels are so well aligned that you get musical notes that kind of pressurise the air like real musical instruments do. Others may describe it as everything just snapping into focus but to me I hear this slight pressure effect that only comes when things are perfect. I also found it useful to use a laser level fired across the room from the top of each speaker to see where they hit the listening wall behind you. It’s surprising the variation in sound when the speakers are not perfectly vertical and perfectly aligned with toe-in.

I’d first of all find the position that gives you the tonal balance you want and then fine tune things as above. Don’t be hasty, live with it for a few days before you make the next change. It can take a few weeks to get it perfect but once you have you can mark the floor with pencil. You’ll know when it right as you won’t want to fiddle any more.

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How do you measure it via laser?

In much the same way as you would with a spirit level except the laser shining across the room and levelled with the top of your speaker will exaggerate the difference between the two speaker positions. Place the laser on the top of the speaker and or the sides and look where it shines to behind you.

I am not Darth vader :rofl:
Where do you get a laser and how do you measure it … this would be a tool I would like to use.
Measure is my middle name

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NacA5 is from the time when groove ,pace rythm and timing mattered most :blush:

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That’s one of the things that DBL do so well.:+1:

No shame to like it as I do :grinning:

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That’s what I really think they do - too bad, that there are so big and rare
I think that magic that Ibl, SBL, sl2 and dBl are doing is exceptional!
But when it comes to the roughness of olive series the 606 is a damn good match… sometimes a bit too rough.
This is coming from its tendency of selecting recordings - even more than SBL. Compression is easily noticed and good ones are pure heaven.

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This sort of thing is available from a lot of popular websites…

Try your local builders merchants or DIY store, laser measuring devices are becoming fairly common so you might find one there.

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Yeah - found a lot of them. Measurement units with an angle sensor. Perfect. But the accuarrcy is plus/minus 2mm. I think my eye can do better :slight_smile: But maybe a missunderstand - unit in the pic above is a laser only. finding the correct point with the laser and than measuring by hand? Sorry :slight_smile:

Stick it on top of your left speaker and fire it across the room to the wall behind you noting the horizontal laser position. Then stick it on the right speaker and do the same. Even a 1mm difference at the speaker fired across 15 feet of so will be a 10mm difference or more at the sitting position. Simples! :+1:

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I use one of these laser levels but never thought to use it for my speaker set up! I will give it a go in the week.