Kudos 606 for olives?

Had a spontaneous visit from a naim fan I had contact for some time.
Also a naim olive fan with 135 amps, as me - knowing and owning SBL for years …
As you might think when it comes to Drago … I was a bit nervous what he might say to my system … especially as he knows how all the stuff is sounding.

Make it short … besides of him being a very nice person who I very much like to show my system, he loved it from the beginning.
He totally admired how the 606 does everything so much better and being extremely fast with even this being equal if not bettering SBL.
Especially the treble presentation he found tremendous

Now it is validated… what a relief :rofl:

Thanks for coming by!


Phew :raised_hands:

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That was my experience with the 606, it’s a fine line between too bass and losing midrange, or too little bass but great midrange. I thought I could move the speakers further back and still keep good midrange if I had cushions on the back wall. I probably need to revisit this again.

Is this distance to wall you final position?
Have them at 22,6 (Laser measured :rofl:) at the top of speaker at back side of wooden side panel.
Maybe I will push them a bit further from the wall. Today I thought too much bass - yes … me :laughing:

Yes that’s where they’ve remained. I find bass increases exponentially as I move them closer to the wall.

Does a few cm (like going to 25 cm) make a difference?
Or is it (in your room) that from 23 cm the bass decrease is less prominent (exponential)
I will give at try soon - but this fine adjustment is a bit pita for me as there always some ups and downs.

PS: maybe I should get back to math class - understood / have to find the sweet spot. going further forward will decrease bass NOT the same way as going back.
Done 25 cm a few weeks back - did not like it as I found the sound being a bit less warm. But maybe miss are getting better.
The only upside of SBL is the display of voices - SBL is a bit brighter and voices sounded more prominent.
Maybe this is getting in the right direction when pulling 606 a little bit more from the wall

You can solve that problem by listening to instrumental music. :nerd_face::notes:

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Wow - thx for the perfect work around :rofl:


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I heared over the years a lot music with much bass - over SBL bass threshold.
Now it is a bit difficult to find the correct spot - a bit like Stu mentioned. When first bass wow is gone …

Gone 24 cm… bass is still there … :rofl:
I am under roof here and this can be Bass increasing.
Overall it is easily noticeable that SBL was not capable of a whole frequency range… in the low spectrum much is new.
By the way - this laser tool is very precise.

Had a friend here a few days ago. He plays guitar and listens a bit different as I do (not being able to even read a note).
He found electric bass to be a bit artificial as also written here in one or two posts.
Have anyone found an optimal bass position (know, every room is different…:blush:)

@drago I hate to say it, and with all respect, I do wonder if the T606 is working with your room / expectations. Hifi should be a means to deliver great pleasure. Not a constant battle.



Thanks - but I think I am still in Adaptation days. After 35 years with one speaker it must be a process.
Sorry - wrote it down in a too critical way.
I do love what 606 does.
All is floating in an organic way and very much relaxed. And soooo much room. Pure pleasure!
Before I bought it I was looking for a more wheighty sound being a bit darker - that is what the 606 brought.
It is neither my Room nor the 606 - it is my head playing tricks.
Promise to stop!

@GraemeH thanks a lot for being so honest with me!

Edit: after a dip with sherry all is fine again :smiling_face:

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I’m sure you are aware of the bass playing of the bass master Charlie Haden, and in fact I’m listening to him now, with Pat Metheney. I recall him saying, years ago, that the SBL gave the best rendition of the double bass that he had heard. The SBL bass is incredibly tight and fast, and is wonderful with double bass. Your Kudos have a lot to live up to. I’ve only heard a couple of Kudos speakers and didn’t find them particularly natural sounding. They gave a warmth and niceness to the sound that I wasn’t keen on, so I can understand your friend’s comment. But no speaker is perfect and there will always be compromises. There will be areas in which the SBLs are better but if, on balance, you prefer the Kudos to the SBLs, then that’s ok, and you’ve made the right choice.


Thanks a lot - perfect post as present for my birthday tomorrow :grinning:
That is fully correct with the SBL - if there was bass, it was a dream.
But in my room there was only bass at 5% of songs at max. I was looking for a warmer sound - like it very much.
Life is full of compromises. There are some songs, wherewithal miss the pure speed of the SBL - but the pure power and relaxation with some tones kind of breathing is so fine with 606.
SBL a bit better with rock music. 606 with electronic and slower tunes, like jazz or singer/songwriter. The latter is my kind of music.
Melody gardot right sounding so good.
I had days, where I found the 606 sounding edgy - today totally like vinyl. Goal achieved :laughing:

Kudos were also a good deal - P/L with 44% of retail price

Did you ever go active with your SBL’s ?

Due to lack of rack space not.
Have a spare olive snaxo for SBL (currently for sale - maybe should not sell)
Did not try to go active due to the lack of rack space

pull the 606s out more. much tighter and i think more accurate bass along with everything else. i’d go 30cm at least to start.

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Thanks - I know you have them 35 cm from the wall.
I have room for more but will do it stepwise - today a small step to 24 cm. There is also a compromise effect - as there are bass heavy songs that need to be heavy. And light songs that need to be light.
As I had SBL before, I do not know a „bass middle song“ yet. As ever - analytical thinking :grinning:

Still a little too much bass - on my way to sweet spot :laughing: