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Just received the latest newsletter from Kudos, they appear to be signposting the new crossover for the next year “a revolutionary new product to the Kudos line”. Will be following with great interest.


Yes just received mine as well. Linking it to the blog about Active v Passive (which I’ve not digested - maybe I should) is it going to be new active speakers? Competition for ATC?

Just received mine also. I’d be a whole heck of a lot more interested if they could get distribution in this country. On paper, they certainly seem like they’d work well with my electronics and room. For a variety of reasons I may have to buy blind ( I’ve gotten used to making fairly accurate predictions from multiple reviews). In this case couldn’t get them even if I wanted to.

Will they be announcing their own External Crossover Unit?

Presently, their Active Guidance documents refer to Linn, Naim and Exposure components.


Yes. Been in development for some time

Naim SNAXO, no less, which is definitely a historical artifact.

Wonder how the Kudos will compare to the others. I was looking to get Exposure to go with my Exposure amps next year so may wait and see.

Now that would be interesting…. That said if they did a return to factory for upgrade to full active THAT would be something and I’d likely start boxing up my 606’s for and join a queue…

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Can you please tell us more about the plans of Exposure?
Is it really true, that the actual Exposure VXN cannot be configured for Titan, especially for the 808?

You would need to speak to Exposure.

Kudos were doing demos of the 808 last year with a Naim 300 series active system, using Exposure crossovers developed specifically for them. My dealer tells me that Kudos are also developing their own active crossover following Naim’s withdrawal from the Kudos SNAXO cooperation.

Yep. HFN reviewed an active Exposure / Kudos Titan 707 system back in 2020.

There is supposed to be an announcement later this month from Kudos on their active crossover development :crossed_fingers:


Kudos posted the below message on social media……thoughts ?

‘Shhh…’ :shushing_face:

There’s something new and revolutionary coming from Kudos Audio. You can get your very first glimpse at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2024.

Join us in Room 316 from Friday 23rd Feb, and be among the first to see and hear the future of Kudos Audio, Powered By Silence.

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Active speakers I guess

Their own active crossover

Absolutely love my 808’s easily the best speaker i have had, and can’t see me changing them ever.

They are at long last bringing their own active crossover out.
Will be interesting to see what Amp’s they run with it. But i can honestly say my amp drives them fantastically, and certainly not looking at going active with 3 smaller Amp’s and all the other gear.

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That’s the rumour I’ve head.

Kudos speakers are designed to work active.

Now that Naim has stopped making external crossovers, it looks like Kudos have decided to capture that market.


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Fitted Isoacoustic Gaia’s instead of spikes to my 505’s standing on granite slabs to good effect.

Direct replacement and you can use the Kudos supplied locking rings too :grinning:.



Active or passive, take your pick.
But the passive crossovers are very good, built to a high standard with quality items.
The advantage you can get from Active is when you have a smaller amp or an amp that’s not got much grunt to drive the speaker properly, this gives you the option to buy a second amp the same and go Active, rather than buy a different amp that can drive them properly.

Should be interesting - I found the tagline “powered by silence” curious.