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Found good improvement on the 808s with Townsend podiums. Not tried on 606s.


I’ve had Kudos 606 for 3 years. The first 2.5 years with the standard supplied Track Audio spikes and the past 6 months with Gaia II isolation feet.

Let me put it this way……I no longer have the spikes and the Gaias are keepers. A fabulous upgrade.


How did you get over the problem with the 808’s not sitting on the townsend bass due to the fixings being proud ?

I did consider the Townsends but seeing many reviews state that the Auvas are at least as good if not better + the Townsends being a bit impractical to use with my stand-mounted T505s in the space I have makes me lean towards the Auvas.

As a bit of a kudos thread, I thought I should pass this new insight on. I’ve never been happy with the soundstage of my system. I’ve assumed it was room dynamics. I thought I would move my 606 much further into the room, from 30cm to 60cm, and wow, what a difference. More open and larger soundstage. More air around instruments. I’ve always kept my speakers closer to wall, because that what Kudos recommend (20-45cm).

In summary, don’t be afraid to move your speakers further out! Experiment!


Preaching to the choir


I like the strategically placed barrel :joy:


I wonder how many times the door smacked into the speaker before it was placed there? Or is it a case of forward thinking? :joy:

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Forward thinking. These are ‘KUDOS’ speakers after all :joy:

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Out of interest, did you try them closer? Love the system!

How far apart have you got them ? My dealer installed my 707’s about 1.6m apart with a bit of toe in. Once they’d run in I found them a bit congested and moved them a shade above 2m apart with no toe in and that was a revelation.

Mine are around 35 cm from the back wall. Any further and I started losing bass, closer and bass was too much.

Yes I did
Preferred further out

I’ve also found with my 707’s they benefit from being 1.8m apart which then leaves c600mm to the side walls. As you say they sounded congested closer together. I used to have the speakers c1m from the back wall for the same reasons you cite, but since I’ve added a bit of acoustic panelling in the corners (home made) I now use them c300mm from the wall with a minimal ie 1 or 2 degrees toe in

From the picture of your room it appears that you do not have any limitations on moving the speakers further out into the room. In my experience with box speakers throughout the years (Harbeth, Graham, B&W, PMC, Proac, Marten), I’ve always given them 40cm to 70cm from the front wall. The larger speakers require more space from the walls for a larger soundstage and improved separation. Closer to the walls the clarity is not very good and it’s a smeared and bunched up sound in the midrange with an uneven bass response. YMMV

The distance from the speakers will be a factor too, and it looks like you are sitting rather far away from the speakers.

ps. I usually don’t follow manufacturer’s recommendation (especially Harbeth) and experiment on my own.

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They are 1.8m apart (centre to centre). At 50-60cm from the wall, the base is not as full, but I gain so much more in the midrange. Open and airy sound.

Exactly, I couldn’t have put it better. I’d just read a bit about how Kudos work very well close to back wall, so followed that guidance.

My listen position is too far back, but alas I can’t change that (the better half won’t let me have a chair in the middle of the room :joy:)

From your picture it looks like you could put your speakers along the longer wall and play across the shorter room dimension? That would deal with both the ‘door issue’ and the seating position.

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I found the opposite when I bought my T505, insofar that I wasn’t satisfied with the sound and kept moving them into various positions but there was always something ‘off.’ It wasn’t until I decided to take Kudos’ advice on placement seriously and moved them right up against the boundaries of my small room that everything ‘snapped’ into focus and I understood why these speakers are so darned special.


All passive speakers will interact with a room in different ways…

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Yes, i think my room is having a big impact on the sound. My guess is that by moving the speakers much further forward, I’m getting less first reflections from the side walls (and windows) in and around my listening position?

Still, it’s amazing how much a few cm in speaker position can make to the sound, in any direction.

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