Kudos KS1 speaker cable

Can I check whether any of you good folk are using Kudos’ cable with 500 kit?
I am contemplating trying this between a 500 and 808s but wondering if it is a good option, vs say SL. I assume it should be given that the 808s are cabled internally with KS1… but I’d prefer some empirical evidence to support the decision to plunge or not :slight_smile:
Thanks for any advice

Well i have a 500 system, nd555, 552/500. I had naca5 and tried the top true signal audio, Naim superlumina, and Tellurium Q. In the end for my room and system the Kudos ks-1 was the cable that i found worked best.
My only advice is to listen for your self, in your own room……i thought buying cables would be easy, buying a black box was much easier. Best of luck.


Hi Gaza
Thanks for the info - out of interest how would you characterize KS1 vs SL sound, based on your experience?

Robbo - Might be worth a read of this thread from last year

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Thanks James, I did see this… did polar bear end up keeping it? I wondered if others had tried (and kept) it in a 500 level system; as that post title infers, its relative inexpense begs the question as to whether it should be taken seriously at that level, but maybe it is just a bargain? :blush:
I recognize more expensive does not necessarily work better - this coming from the guy who doggedly stuck with the stock lavender cable rather than “upgrade”’ to another interconnect for the NDS (until suoerlumina appeared, that is!)

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Well i could not really hear a difference of any note between nac5 and SL……but KS-1 was more detailed with better mid range and treble. I think as i have posted before is room related, it is heavily damped with carpet, curtains etc

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Thanks Gazza

I’m not sure. Let’s see if we can wake him @Polarbear.

Speaker cables aside, I hope your 808s are settling in nicely :+1:

On my list too to replace WH Phantom, not on 500 kit though.

Thanks James :+1:
The 808s have indeed settled in nicely - although some system optimisation needed now to get the most out of them.
I will post a detailed report once I get the rest in place, but very happy with them so far.


I have KS - 1 in my 300DR to T505, IMO the KS- 1 cable is a must in any demo


Blimey, you can’t get a decent kip round here :slight_smile:

Yes, I am still using my Kudos speaker cables. They took a while to settle down but once they did there was more in the mids and high’s and just a more enjoyable sound.


Hi Polarbear
Sorry to wake you from late hibernation :blush:
Good to hear the cable worked out for you. Did you happen to A/B it against SL at all ?

Evening Robbo.

A baby seal for breakfast would have been welcome :blush:

Be careful with the termination plugs you use, stay away from the chords. I didn’t try Super Lumina at the time, it was a replacement for NACA 5. I have heard SL cables Nd I haven’t been tempted, partly due to cost, I have 8m cables and that’s costly,

Kind regards



I had Witch Hat Phantom (good) to replace NAC A5, then Superlumina (really good)…

When I changed to Kudos 606, I moved to the KS-1, pretty good…good bass, sweet mid/treble, smooth, more delicate and nuanced than the SL (now sold)…IMHO, I would estimate 90% of the SL sound at a very much lower price…
Occasionally I do miss a little of the SL organic sound with a little bit of the Naim ‘slam’…

In a few weeks I will put the Witch Hats in to see how they sound on the 606’s…

Best to try them in your space, the cost is relatively low…


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I have the Tellurium Q Ultra black II with my Titan 606 and 250DR (I hope shortly to trade in for a 300DR) but I’m tempted to try Kudos KS-1 and Witch Hat Phantom speaker cable. :thinking:

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Quick question - what plugs do you recommend to use with the KS-1?

Stick to the Naim connectors, you can’t go wrong with them :blush:

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I thought I’d give KS-1 a go. Fair play to Signals, I ordered a 4m terminated pair yesterday morning and Fed Ex turned up with them first thing this morning. Great service !