Kudos KS1 speaker cable

Completely agree. I played my system to some (honest) friends and they were very underwhelmed. I threw in a change of cables and hey presto. Cables can bring a very significant change indeed (although in the interests of transparency, the cables I swopped in are in the same budget as another black box! :grimacing::blush:)

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Getting anoraky - but is the KS1 directional ?


Yes, it has Kudos printed on the sleeve…….the Kudos “s” is at the speaker end.


Cheers Gazza was thinking the word direction is most likely the signal flow amp to speaker.

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Guys, did you ever compare Kudos KS1 withTellurium Ultra black II? They are in a different target price but I’m curious to get a feedback about it. I already own a pair of TQUBII and my speakers are Kudos 606. Many thanks :wink: