Kudos KS1 speaker cable

Just fitted a pair of KS1s and I’m a bit underwhelmed, do they take a time to burn in and do they open up when they have a few hours on them? They are brand new.

Mine were hot straight off the reel.
Depends how they’re terminated. :thinking:

How do they compare to the phantoms?

The Phantoms sounded like a duvet was over the speakers and I have no idea why.
The Kudos are a lot better, the top end is back, the soundstage is back and vocals are front and centre again. Can’t help thinking they’re not as good as the Witch Hat N2s as the bass seems to be lacking. I have asked if they open up as they are brand new.
I don’t know what’s going on as the N2s at the moment are a clear winner but they shouldn’t be🤷🏻
This HiFi lark is frustrating.


I would give NacA5 longer than 2x7 m a try also, sounds much more balanced than 2x4 m.

They improve a little for sure during the first 50 hrs or so (in my experience) which can make all the difference depending on the system … hang in there :slight_smile:

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My KS1s are now running for about 20 hours.
Hopefully they will get better after 50 hours.
My impression so far is rather mixed.


I bought mine from a online cable specialist who advised they burn-in for a minimum 1 week which is a service they provide, so it may be necessary to give it a bit more time before passing final judgement upon the KS-1.

Very system dependent. Good cables, but did not work so well in my system - sounded rather clinical, less organic than some other (admittedly more expensive) cables.

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I have now recorded about 60 hours of music.
And at least 10 hours with the Tellurium Q burn-in CD.
I am now really very satisfied with the KS1.


I have been using and enjoying KS1 now for around 3 or 4 months, it replaced (I thought bettered) Witch Hat Phantoms which I’d used for approx a year. The WHP’s replaced NACA5 and I liked the difference at the time.

Today whilst tidying a cupboard I stumbled across my old NACA5, so at a loose end I thought I’d pop them back in to my system. I’m really shocked to say that after 1-2hrs listening I’m thinking they are staying in.


Pls let us all know how it finishes…

I went from NACA5 to WH P, then to SL (great, but too much money tied up), back to WH P, then to KS-1.

Much more user-friendly and sounds good enuf…at the mo…


I will Anthony. I have to say I’m still sat here playing song after song and I’m completely hooked.

Now, I can’t say I wasn’t before with both KS1 and WHP, but I feel that the NACA5 just sounds (in my system, to my ears) like I’m getting a little more of everything, especially depth to the bass.

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Sounds good Steve…after a while put the KS-1 back in and see how it sounds again…



Makes perfect sense. A change sometimes is just that an not always better in the long term.


I am awaiting delivery of Spectre…
One hopes shipment will start in february.
That’s all I am prepared to say here. Except to ask…what were your perceptions of Spectre’s SQ in comparision to your Kudos ks-1.
Albeit one doubts any threads on Spectre here.

Its a great cable very dynamic, i only changed from the prototype as it will not fit under our fireplace.


I find the KS-1 more nimble and engaging.


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KS-1 based on comments herinafore appears to be a popular speaker cable, amongst users of Naim Gear. Having used Morgana for some months now and loving their SQ… Spectre will be the cherry on top.

Thanks for your feedback, The customer feedback from samplers have been Spectacular to state the least…