Kudos KS1 speaker cable

Most welcome great cable too. :+1:t2:


NACA5 is one of Naim’s longest-standing under-the-radar products.

It’s remarkably good value for money.


That said, the KS-1 is cheaper than A5.

As long as the radar doesn’t have corners.



And very different sounding to KS-1.
You pays your money, you takes your choice.

I just lent the music speaker cables out, and I hate to say it but the 808s sound pretty uninspiring returning back to the KS1 :scream: Maybe just a question of acclimatisation… will see how things progress the next few days

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Given that Music costs nearly £9,000 for a 4m pair, and KS1 costs about £300, you’d rather hope the former was a significant improvement.


I tried chord music on my 808’s, got to agree with you they certainly showed the KS1 cable the door. But then there’s about £4500 difference in price, so you would hope so.
It’s because i tried the music cable i have since made myself some mogami w3104 cables, to try and get myself closer to what the music did, but for a fraction off the cost.
So far i have been running the mogami on just the bass, and the KS1 on the midrange/ treble.
The mogami has a much better bass over the KS1, and maybe even better than the music, but i can’t say for sure, as the music went back. But so far the mogami has sounded a bit flat at the top, hopefully it will come good once burn in is complete, as if not i will carry on running as i am till i can strech to some music.

Isn’t that a step back to the presentation of Phantom/Spectre sort of? Maybe you lack some of the groovy coloration the 552 added to the bottom end :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The witch hat cables you mentioned just didn’t do it for me, as tried them more than once.
I have a fantastic bottom end, it’s probably the best it has ever been, even against the chord music. Its the top end that right now is giving me what i want, but as said looking at the burn in on these mogami, it looks to be pretty similar outcome so far.
As for a 552, no way is one of them ever coming back in to my system.

Oooh, matron….


I found the same thing albeit compared to my ‘humble’ Super Lumina cables. It seemed to me that the KS-1 was dialling off the treble and with it all the emotion in the music. I couldn’t see what all the fuss was with KS-1.

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Exactly!… the top end is both thin and flat. The music just seems to be sapped of emotion. Emotion is the thing that Music does in spades (albeit in context of full loom)

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try some Ansuz X2 speaker cables. more money than the KS-1 but quite amazing and better than some higher priced offerings. i use them with a pair of 606s.

While we have such a good sample-size, can I check?

Has anyone switched from A5 to KS1 to drive Neat speakers?

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Ok, so I swapped the ks1 to go into the top speaker connectors rather than bottom, and added the Music bridges and things have admittedly improved quite significantly.

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I find going into the top better than the bottom, errr matron.
But being serious i do. Unless i run 2 separate cables like what i do at the moment.


Has anyone ever tried KS-1 with Sonus Faber speakers?

You might find you prefer the Mogami 2972

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Yes. Running them with my Olympica Nova2’s. Quite content and preferable to naca5, phantom and tellurium black 2.