Kudos Super20 vs. 505 vs. 606 audition

Hi all,
I often enjoy reading about people’s listening experiences at HiFi shops, so thought I would post my experience.

I have read a lot of reviews on Kudos speakers, and after a recent NDX2 and 282 upgrade, I thought it time to try some new speakers.

My system: NDX2, 282, 200, Core, Dynaudio Focus 140s
Demo system: NDX2, 282, 250, hicap, Core (200 unavailable)
Location - Department of Music, Petworth.

First up, Kudos Super20’s:
My first thought was wow, I’m really not getting everything out of my dynaudios! The S20s had so much more detail. The midrange was amazing. The S20s didn’t have the same sort of bass as my dynaudios though, and having had them for 10years, rightly or wrongly, I was used to that more “weighty” sound (that dynaudios are famous for). I would sum up the S20 as very detailed and neutral (piano key strokes etc were to die for)

Next up the Kudos Titan 505’s:
My first thought was “I can’t believe these speakers are made by the same company, they sound completely different”. The 505’s were far more “musical” and all those other adjectives that Titans are famous for. The soundstage (bass to treble range) was broader than the S20s. However, after hearing the S20s midrange and detail, I was left feeling that the 505’s wasn’t presenting all the music.

Last up the Kudos Titan 606s:
Now at this stage I was getting worried, because “what if the 606’s are just like the 505’s”. First track - wow! My foot couldn’t stop taping to the beat and I almost cried. Big grin across my face. I can only describe the 606’s as a blend of the S20s and 505’s. They have the detail of the S20s and the “musicality” of the 505’s. Track after track, big smiles and emotional feelings…

The S20s and 505’s are great speakers, but they didn’t make me smile, so I couldn’t justify buying them.
The 606s are just something else, and will place an order for a pair very soon (once I have sold my house and can actually afford a pair!)


Interesting review but counter to my findings in that whilst I thought the 505s more musical than the S20s I found them superior in every other respect. Horses for courses.

Happy saving!

I haven’t demo’d but based on what I’ve previously read 606 would likely be my end game speakers, and your experience just further supports this. The reported unfussy positioning, and in particular being up close to the wall friendly, is the clincher for me.

I think the type of music is also important. The S20 blew me away with its ability to capture a roll on a key stroke or a drum beat. When I played heavy rock music though, I just kept hearing all the instruments instead of the whole song? For folk, blues and jazz, I think the S20s would outshine the 505s? I like rock music…

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I had a pair of S20s and, when I was looking for a replacement, went and compared 707s with 606s, fully expecting to prefer the former. Turned out not to be the case, the 606s just spoke to me and are my end game speakers.

With the “savings” I made I ended up upgrading my 300DR to a 500DR - fabulous combination.


Good write up and good choice. I love mine. As Dave says, end game speakers.

The demo system replicates mine. I too compared the S20 with the 606 and would have happily have the S20. However the 606 is far more refined and accomplished.

Welcome Richard, and an interesting first post.

Strange. I’ve just Demoed the 707’s and I don’t like them at all. They’ve sucked the life out of the music, flat soundstage and there seems to be something very odd going on in the upper bass region where notes I know are there have just disappeared.

Could be my room. The dealer has spent ages playing with positioning and he agreed. We just couldn’t seem to get them sounding anything like good.

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I guess the obvious thing is to try the 606s instead? They made me tear up with emotion.

I’ve wondered long, how would T88 compare to new range Titans.?

Why do you just try the contour range of Dynaudio

Could save a few pounds and it might just be what you’re really looking for ?

I know where you’re coming from. To be honest, after listening to the S20s and 505s I was left thinking “these are good, but I wonder how similar priced Proac, Neat or Dynaudios would compare”. After the 606s I haven’t even thought about what else I could demo for that sort of money (which is a little silly). They just gripped me and made me smile. Its going to be very much an emotional purchase and the assumption that I wouldn’t be able to find another demo session like that again…

When I mentioned to my dealer that I might possibly be interested in Titans he immediately pointed me in the direction of ATC, in particular SCM40s or maybe 19s, which in his opinion offer much better value for money, due in large part to the very high price of the drivers used in the Titans. Not that any of these speakers are bad, but maybe something else for your shortlist.

I would still make the effort to Audition the higher ranges of Dynaudio

I have the focus 260 but it’s really not in the league of heritage, contours or confidence

And why would it be ? I got what I paid for …

Titan 606s are incredible speakers for the money!


Well the asking money 15000 gbp for titans 606 is quite incredible

That’s 3750 per driver.

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That’s the 707. 606 is 10k.

3 drivers per speaker as it’s an Isobaric bass arrangement.


That’s kind of like saying a Porsche 911 is £30k per wheel? :joy:


I’ve listened and owned various Dynaudios
Most of them were very pleasant and natural sounding, indeed the more expensive ones. Require space around them, won’t work near boundaries or rear wall.

Ultimately they were too laid back for my taste though, more hifi than music, quite frustrating really.