Kudos Titan 606 positioning

I’ll take the dog off your hands LOL

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Demo day tomorrow so will keep people posted re thoughts.

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606 demo went well and managed to pretty much replicate my setup at home in terms of equipment.

Incredible sound-stage
Tight bass (passive setup)
Excellent low-level listening
Not as physically heavy as I first thought
Fit and finish of the cabinets is superb

I listened to one track using the S20’s but they weren’t as powerful at low-level listening so knew after one track I wanted the Titans.

Need to get a bit more £££ together but will hopefully have a pair May / June.

Test tracks:
Suzanne Vega - Cracking (live at New York)
Deadmau5 - 4ware
First Aid Kit - Emmylou
Roger Waters - Mother (lockdown sessions)
Depeche Mode - Welcome to my World
NIN - Copy of A
Radiohead - Let Down



Glad to hear that you had a successful audition with the T606s and decided to go for them.

Once you’ve got them set-up and run-in at home you will really enjoy them.

I’ve had mine for a couple of years and very pleased with them. As you stated, look nice as well as sounding good with an exceptional build quality.

However, I did go active with mine after a while, which opened them up further.

Enjoy your music.



Nice setup, I’ll be looking to go active after I’ve had them for a year or so.

Want to add a 252 and SC first and then go from there.

Simrak looks lovely.

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Good aren’t they. Glad the demo went well :+1:

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I have had my kudos, 606 for a couple of years and have finally got round to improving my room acoustics using woodupp panelling over 150 mm of RW60 Rockwool (less in the centre). I have also made a couple of bass traps to go in the rear corners. This has tightened up the bass and made things much clearer by reducing the RT60 above 200 Hz to below 300 ms, and typically around 250.
The speakers are now 2 m apart, measured between the two sides, and 400 mm from the woodupp panel behind. I found in the past, before the room improvements, that the distance between the speakers was more significant than the distance behind, and anything less than 2 m was not good.
You might notice in the photo they are on ISO Acoustic feet. I have now removed these and they sound much better on spikes with the floor protected by coins underneath. This gives a good stable base. I am also intending to make a cover for the TV screen when not in use as it gives excessive treble and am currently improvising. I spent a lot of time considering sliding doors, but ultimately rejected the idea as too complicated.
I I find it very difficult to judge the speaker positioning by ear, and are currently trying different amplifiers and interconnects. I have not found any benefit from chord epic over the din connection that came with theNDx-2 but other interconnects have made a significant difference.
By far the biggest improvement, however is the Rockwool. I celebrate

this by playing Lana Del Rey’s ode to its inventor, norman.:grin:


Being a plumber, i hope i never have to do any work on that, unless you can easily remove the wood around the radiator.
Like the look by the way


Yes, a few screws and the panel lift off. The stud work builds around the radiator where there is no Rockwall behind: the gap is filled with a roll of carpet, felt underlay which can be easily pulled out if necessary, An acoustic compromise but a practical solution I felt.

All is fascinating the obscure details people on forums pick up on.:musical_score:

Thats good then.

But being a plumber like i said, you spot thinks like this even when not looking.

Foreseeing and allowing for future accessibility is something that should be fundamental to all installations, plumbing or otherwise, that might reasonably be expected at some time in the future require service, repair or upgrade access. Unfortunately based on property family members and I have bought over the years it is an uncommon skill, one that few plumbers seem to have. Nice to learn of one who does!