Kudos titan 707

Anybody compare Titan 707 vs focal sopra 2.seem that reviews for titan are more room boundary friendly is this the case.

Yes that’s the general opinion, the Titans being less critical with wall distance and being usually ok close to the front wall, maybe because having a downward firing reflex port with a defined distance to the base plate,

The sopra 2 have similar downward port it must be the isobaric system on the 707 that get it closer to front wall.

Just saying what people are guessing might be the reason that the Titan doesn’t seem very critical with placement. Probably it’s the whole design. I didn’t like the Sopra at all when auditioning recently, anyways. YMMV

Just curious. Did you audition any Kudos before you bought the Sehrings?
Which speakers did you listen to else?

Couldn’t because they are difficult to audition here and the only dealer within hours had a broken waterpipe. I may yet, Sehring offers 4 weeks return guarantee, so once they are here others are free to deliver better. Details see here:

Thank you. Interesting what you will report :slight_smile:
Wha. Will you get your Sehrings. I once had a 603.

How did you like yours? By all accounts the new ones are in a different league :slight_smile: Should be here in one or two weeks, getting excited :slight_smile:

They were beautiful speakers, but I had a problem with boomy bass, which I just couldn’t tame.
It is now almost 16 years ago and I am sure the new ones improved a lot. The new ones look amazing. Hope they will work in your environment.

Sehring has an amazing service.

I though would still like to know how Kudos compare against those.

Thanks for the info. I had them here for demo (as in the picture) and thankfully no boomy bass problems in my room (not with my current ones either) - if necessary I think the new S9 series have additional control via the passive chassis. Yeah, Stefan is great and the factory is only 15 minutes from me, which helps and makes it even more special.

But yes, I would like to hear the Kudos as well, but only if home demo can be arranged. (Some dealers during my auditioning run were less than forthcoming, and I’ve been a bit fed up with that). I expect that my dealer will visit with the SF, which I really liked as well. Though it’s a tough act to beat once the Sehrings are fully adjusted for the room - can’t get that anywhere else.


Looking really forward to your raport. And pitty to hear the Kudos support in Germany could be improved. I know that Kudos trys to reach out for new markets. Naim is very strong in Germany and it seems those two have a good synergy.

Apart from B&W, many UK speaker companies don’t have great representation in Germany, at least not here in Berlin. ATC, Spendor, ProAc couldn’t be auditioned because there is no dealer in reasonable distance or they didn’t have the models I was interested in. From PMC only the fact.8 was possible and the dealer was terribly annoying and made it difficult. But I guess it’s not so different the other way around. It’s difficult, speakers are big to ship and so dependent on dominant ways of living


I can see Audio Physics speakers in Berlin, at Boxen Gross. They match very well with Naim.
But it’s too late i feel. You have ordered the speakers.

So I’ve found the sopra 2 to have a bit of a base boom, muddy waters folk singer acoustic guitar seems to show it. System set up in a large room about 1 meter maybe less from the back wall. Solid concrete floor. Are they known for a boomy upper bottom end?
Sorry not wanting to hijacker the thread just asking…


what a great room!

Yes not my house unfortunately, 5 mins walk from the beach to boot. The Nac 250 DR and sopra 2 fill the room np.

I did visit them and listened to the Audio Physic Codex through a Linn System. It was better than the Focals earlier the same day but ultimately not so convincing that it made me hasten to pull out the wallet. But good enough that I might still do a comparison at home once the Sehring are here

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Boomy and somehow disconnected bass was my experience too, in the dealer’s room

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Thanks, that’s interesting