Lan connection to HDX with Windows 10


I need to do a new backup of my HDX media library. In the past I was able to connect a Windows Vista PC via LAN to the HDX to then run a backup (and also manage stores / add downloaded music).

Sadly that PC is dead and new PC running Windows 10 can only see the HDX as a “Media Device” not as a “Computer” within “File Explorer” and or “Network”. This means I cant run the backup/ manage the HDX as previously with Vista.

Any ideas / help as to how to connect to the file stores on the HDX are much appreciated.


Probably this:

Many thanks for that. Have enabled SMB1 and also ensured network and sharing settings are as per the linked article. Still no joy ! Any other ideas most welcome !!

The SMB1 issue is something you need to address even though it hasn’t solved your problem, so at least that’s one hurdle you’re over!
Were you trying to use the Desktop Client to make these changes? As a Mac user I’m not too familiar with it, but I’ve generally found that the best way to make these sort of changes is via the ‘browser interface’ which can (or at least could) be accessed via any web browser on Mac or Windows. However, since Adobe discontinued Flash support this no longer works, but there is a workaround availble if you follow these instructions:

Some other issues to be aware of:
Is your firmware up to date? The latest is 1.7c.
If you use the DTC make sure you are using the latest version, as that, too, was updated a while back.

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Hi I’m trying to use network explorer in Windows 10 to manage the HDX, which is running 1.7c

I can manage / access HDX via the NDC and that works fine. However I do get error that NDC is out of date. Ive updated that from here but still get the “old version” warning. The Desktop Client i have is 1.7b from (

Naim HDX Backup NAS Drive - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

Using what you guys have helped me with and the above post I have got it working :slight_smile:


On my windows PC I press the windows key and R together and then in the ‘Run’ box type

\ip address of HDX\Music


\ip address of HDX\Downloads

This allows me to browse through the HDX’s files in Windows File Explorer, which I have pinned to start in File Explorer so that in future I can access the files without needing to use the “Run” box and re-keying the IP address


If you have a disc with the 1.7c update on it that should also include a copy of the latest DTC, or you can download it from here:


Super, thank you

Upgrade to 1.7c on HDX was done by dealer so I don’t have disc. Thanks for the link and all your help @ChrisSU

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