Lavender - what’s better

As per recent thread on lavender interconnect I have ditched my hiline since to me the lavender is more musical and fun.
Without spending crazy money, is there something that has the musicality of the lavender but has a bit more detail?
I’m looking to buy myself a holiday gift :grin:




I have the same set-up as GraemeH (although I have an NDX) and I, too, couldn’t get on with a HiLine and went back to the Lavender and for exactly the same reasons.
After several years, I changed the Lavender for a Tellurium Q black which I really like; everything seem more in balance and cohesive.

I’m very much enjoying this (s/h Tellurium Q Black din-din) interconnect (between NDX2:XPSDR & 282:HCDR). All of the virtues of the HiLine and none of the vices. Scale and openness, drive and coherence without the frequency imbalance (to my ears) of the HiLine.

I also use TQB speaker cable.

A couple of hundred quid well spent.


Have a look on www for FlashBack Sales & their
“5 Pin DIN Plug - 5 Pin DIN Plug Premiere Cable”
Excellent product, very well made with a pair of miniature coax’s in a sleeve (as is HiLine), damped DIN plugs & a choice of length & sleeve colour’s. £40 for 1m,

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You might try something from Witch Hat. They have a regular range, and a fancy new one called Morgana which I know nothing about, but maybe worth a demo.

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I absolutely love the HiLine on my NDX but have just upgraded to the SL.
I personally could not fault the HiLine and it was such a huge enhancement over the lavender on my system.
Sorry, didn’t help your question. :joy:


Using some witchhat morgana on the 500 and they sound sublime and well worth trying.
Plus if you dont like you can send them back


Then they re-sell them ex-demo? :smirk:

Dont know, but not sending mine back, as they have improved the sound nicely from the standard 500 cables, looking at also trying one in the new year to replace my hiline

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I’m looking for an opinion from someone who has heard lavender and moved on to something better - and I am referring to the interconnect between CD player and preamp. Not snaics, speaker cable or XLR cables.
Thanks, david

I have the lavender ic and the Witchhat ic, and prefer the Witchhat. Both are good but the Witchhat gives more of everything. A worthy improvement imho. Using these between cds2 and nac82.

See my previous & add …
I had Lavender between CDX2 & NAT-05, I’ve tried a number of entry & mid priced Chords, AR Sounds, HiLine & some others I can’t remember, & FlashBack Sales (my previous post) and what I found to be as good as any of that list.
For the last 5 years, changing CDX2 to NDX, I have my own made Mogadishu 2549 with Nuetrik DIN plugs


Cost is £117 GBP.

Of the lavender, HiLine, Flashback Premier and AR Sound Lunar that I have tried in our system, our preference has been:

  1. HiLine
  2. AR Sound Lunar
  3. Lavender
  4. Flashback Premier

I have never tried a Witchhat cable but would be interested to do so one day.

TonyM was kind enough to bring along a Chord Sarum cable (can’t remember which version) to go between DAVE and the NAC52 during one of our “pop over to listen to some tunes” days with J.N. and PeterR. Rather irritatingly, the Sarum cable sounded a LOT better than its AR Sound Lunar equivalent.

As each of us seems to have a different preference (HiLine, Lunar, Premier and Lavender each come out top for one of us!), I can only suggest to order one of each and try them on a sale or return basis where that is available and give them an audition. Flashback sales were very good when I returned their Premier cable.

Best regards, BF

Not sure Witchhat are still in business? Products out of stock for months. No reply on emails. 404 pages on their www etc.

I have a lavender and been looking for an alternative for a while, have read about AR Lunar DIN cable, there are some nice reviews on other forums, I was wondering how would you compare it to lavender and especially its performance in high registers, is it brighter or smoother? Appreciate any comments.

Another vote here for the Hi-line. A very worthwhile improvement here all round, even with my modest system, over the supplied lavender. Saying that, it took two repairs for it to be this good. Oh well, such as life…

tried hiline and sl now using sarum t much better imho

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Hi realdpg,
I found the AR Sound Lunar to be more open and transparent of the fine detail and texture of notes that is associated with a smoother yet more revealing top end. In other words, it is creamy smooth, yet more revealing too.

Hope this helps, BF

Stop it. :grin:
I am desperately trying to avoid the £2k consequences of agreeing with you, even though I agree with you…

Best regards, BF