Left Channel Pop No Sound on 282


A curious fault with my 282 (or perhaps it’s user error…we shall see…)

On unmuting, the left channel goes pop and only the left tweeter is working…nothing comes from the larger cone. Clicking the Mono button on the amp does produce equal sound on both sides, but I already knew it wasn’t the speakers since using my tt (bypassing my NDX2) works fine.

So, it’s either the CD DIN input on the 282, or it’s the DIN - DIN cable from the NDX2 itself. I have already tried reprogramming the 282 in program mode and deselected and reselected again key 1 for the CD DIN input, so that’s not it. I did try to plug the DIN out of the NDX2 to my Uniti2 in error (thinking it was the phono DIN), so that may be the reason it’s not working properly. Perhaps I shorted something in doing that?

How can I determine if it’s the DIN cable or the DIN CD input of the 282 itself?



Pop in a pair of RCA and try that. :+1:t2:

The DIN cable is a 5 pin to 5 pin cable and has a prefered direction (the ring mark closer to the source).

If you connect the cable in the opposite direction and the fault is in the cable, the problem will go to the other channel (speaker).

All the best, Rafael

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Thanks Rafael. I’ve tried your suggestion, but the DIN connected the other way still produces the pop on the left channel with the tweeter working but the bass cone is not.

Damn…a cable will be much cheaper and quicker to replace…

If anyone else has some suggestions I’m all ears.

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A bit more info on the system would be useful. What power supply setup do you have on your 282 (NAPSC aside) ?

How do you have your TT connected to the 282 ?

Hi James,

Have a Hicap DR powering the 282, and the TT is connected via Stageline and DIN into 282 Aux2 (which works fine btw).

I’d try another DIN input on the 282. If this doesn’t fix it then it does sound like an issue with the NDX2 / DIN5 interconnect.

If so then I’d suggest powering down the NDX2 for a few mins and then re powering. Try that and report back. How is the NDX2 powered. Internal or external PS ?

This may be useful:

I remembered the trick to change the cable direction, but in reality I bough a new, inexpensive cable that demonstrated the fault was in the cable.

Then repairing the Naim cable was very easy. You can also open the connectors and check the soldering visually, where most probably the fault is (if in the cable).

Good luck.

Internal power to the NDX2.

Don’t have another DIN but I guess I can buy a cheap one.

I just switched the NDX2 off, and deselected the DIN input on the 282. I then switched on the NDX2 and once booted I connected vis DIN and reselected the CD DIN input via the 282 remote, and when I unmute, there was no pop this time. I thought I had fixed, but as soon as I played some music, pop on left speaker and no sound from left bass cone.

Side question, can you damage DIN cables by attempting to plug into the wrong socket? Inadvertently tried to plug in NDX2 DIN (282 end) to powered phono on the back of a Uniti2 (thinking it was the Stageline DIN).

Looking more likely it’ll have to go in for a service since the 282 is from mid 2017, but still hoping there’s some settings I haven’t checked yet.

Appreciate the responses :slight_smile:

You could have damaged the interconnect DIN5 plug. The Uniti 2 phono input is a 240deg DIN5 socket designed to take a 240deg SNAIC5 DIN plug rather than the 180deg DIN5 plug found on the interconnect.

As @Skeptikal mentioned, do you have a stereo RCA cable you could try between the NDX2 and 282 ?

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I didn’t try the RCA thing because I thought it would work, but to my surprise, I get the same issue when the NDX2 is connected via RCA to the 282: left channel pops when unmuting and no sound from left bass cone. Mono 282 button ‘fixes’ again.

So it’s the NDX2 then which is only from 2022- am surprised…

Very strange. Just thinking… You could try the Uniti 2 as a source to the 282 instead of the NDX2.

Use the RCA cable to connect the 282 to the RCA Line out sockets on the Uniti 2.

But why is the tweeter working but not the bass unit? It makes no sense.

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Yep, I am stumped…just tried a factory reset and get the same issue.

I just packed up my Uniti2 (as that is how I rip my vinyl using the RCA outs). Guess it’s going to see the sunlight again lol

At least using the Uniti 2 as a temporary source should help you narrow down the issue. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Not sure if I’m far away with this but I looked up the speakers and am wondering if they are wired correctly.
Looks weird left to right wiring for the drive units or is it top and bottom.
And are there jumpers involved I don’t get the tweeter working but not bass.


Just connected my music player (Uniti2 still boxed) to RCA of 282 and both channels working normally.

@skeptical Everything was working fine before…i just switched Stageline phono to Aux2 of 282 and took speaker connections from 250DR to Uniti2 so I can rip some vinyl. Then I put everything back together as I have done may times, but this time was different. I may have shorted a pin or something since I thought the NDX2 DIN into the back of the 282 was the Stageline DIN I needed to move- I recall hearing a pop when the two made a connection, but the DIN was never fully home as I think it’s 4 pin vs 5 pin. Regardless, the outcome is the same…still looking to be the NDX2, and a factory reset hasn’t changed anything either.

So the speaker connections are unchanged :slight_smile:

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Ok, looks like it’s time to get the NDX2 back to your dealer to get it checked out.

If it works ok with RCA then that’s how I use my gear.
But I’m stumped why only one drive unit please keep this updated when you’ve seen the dealer.
Best wishes. :+1:t2:

Already tried NDX2 with RCA and it doesn’t work, but my portable player does.

I spent quite some time researching this myself before asking the question here, but I couldn’t find anyone that ever had this problem (found left channel dead on SN2 but unrelated).

Bought used so it might be a challenge to get it fixed but we’ll see. Will report the outcome since this is a rara issue.

Thanks all :slight_smile: