Linn to Naim 552

I am thinking of returning to Naim equipment, at the moment I use a Linn Klimax DSM, Linn Uphorik phono stage, LP12 ,Akubarik speakers and on order a pair of Klimax Solo amps. With the endless cycle of upgrades put out by Linn and a Linn event 26/3/21 my brand new five month old Klimax DSM may be put out of production by Linn HiFi. I want to keep the LP12, Akubarik speakers and Linn Uphorik phono stage for playing into a 552 preamp with the cheaper series 5 twin power amp. Its a massive change for me, I did have the Naim 52 and pair of 135 amps back in the 80s. Its the constant change of gear and upgrades that puts me right off Linn equipment! What does the team think?

Why do you stay that Klimax DSM is out of production?

Intersting that the OP is frustrated by Linn upgrading its offerings. many here decry the fact that Naim products remain unchanged for decades…

I wonder what you mean by the 5 series twin? Is it a Linn thing? If so I can’t find it on their website. As I’m sure you know from your past experience, Naim pre and power amps are two halves of a whole and work best together. As to how well Naim melds with the Akubarik is another question. You don’t mention retaining the DSM. What is your plan regarding a streaming source?

There is much uninformed conjecture about how/if Linn will support/continue the present Klimax range. One thing is for sure…not many of us will be buying a $40,000 streamer. We should have more details on 26th March.
Interestingly, my streamer is in its 4th hardware iteration, all of which have been retrofittable. I will be VERY unhappy if my KDS/3 becomes unsupported.

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This 40k streamer is an upgraded KDSM or something else? Better vs KDSM?

Nobody knows for sure, the conjecture is that it is something very different and Linn claim it to be a big step forwards. Linn do not seem to make false claims, so I am inclined to believe them. It’s just that $40,000 is a dramatic amount of money in this context. We will see.
Back to the Chardonnay (sorry FR, from the New World)

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If it’s better than 552/ ND555/ 555dr, it would be not so dramatic cost. Out of my budget of course, but not for 500 series buyers.
Only a speculation from me , as there is not already on the market.

I for one have always felt there is a real musical synergy between Salisbury and Glasgow and for me thats why I went for LP12 (Kilmax level) but matched with NAIM Electronics 252/300DR

I am regrested for the event next friday, until NAIM released the ND555 the Kilmax DSM was the class leader

If I was in the same position, I would want to demo both and chose a delear who could do this for me, IMO Linn electronics are not that far bethind NAIM, I for one won’t ever be moving from 252/300DR

another suggestion would be to keep Linn and look at LP12? Radikal/Urika to improve source ?

and last point from me 552 would need at least 250DR to get the most out of source/552 - my dealer is running 552 3 x 250DR active which musical joy


Even if Linn introduce some new top-end hardware next week it is probably to little time to escape a possible devaluation of your newly bought KDSM, but you might cancel the Solo:s. And nothing says new tech won’t made available to KDSM-owners to upgrade.

Note that a 552+250DR (or whatever you mean by that twin) do not include a streamer. Naim do not produce the equivalent of a DSM (unless you count the aged and orphaned 272 which in turn is the reason I have been trying a KDSM this winter).

I’m deducting here … twin, in Linn parlance, refers to the stereo (as opposed to mono- block) klimax power amp. So two channel amp. Series 5 = Naim 500 series, so NAP500? Cheaper version = NAP300? So in conclusion, NAP300 then?

Yes the 300DR power amp and the 552 NAC. I am very glad that I have not paid for the Linn Klimax Solo amps!!! I have voiced my trade in question to my local dealer. In 20 years of using Naim back in the 80s I have never known problem like this with LInn.

So what would you do about digital streaming if you only retained your vinyl playback and akubarik speakers from your current system?

Save up to purchase a DSM from Naim.

Back in the 80s I was very happy with the Naim 32.5, Hicap ,a Naim FM tuner, a pair of Naim 135s and pair of Linn Isobaricks. A simple musical set up - no upgrades.

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In Naim terms, a Klimax DSM would be the ND555. Including obligatory power supply that’s a £21,000 component. Add to that the cost of the 552 your thinking about, that’s another £21,000. So to replace your KDSM you’d be looking at spending about £42,000 (minus whatever you get in trade-in). That’s more (probably much more) than the new Klimax Music DSM is likely to cost.

In a week or so you’ll likely know what the upgrade cost will be to move to the new Klimax streamer when upgrade pricing from Linn is announced.

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I never ever want to spend that kind of money on a Naim or Linn Streamer ever again. Audio streaming is a bit like a digital camera ie always a new model. I will wait while the event at Linn next Friday. But I am thinking of going full Klimax on my LP12 , play vinyl, and purchase an FM tuner. That would be it.

I have the same desire. Have the best vinyl source I can purchase and stop thinking on these digital upgrades.
Sometimes I even regret having put my feet into streaming. It’s evolving every year and it’s difficult, at least for me, to not think on the new softwares, platform, new audiophile switch…
I am very probably buy next a Rega P10 and Lyra Etna. No digital for now can best that combo in my view. I have already a top phono.

Same here…by preference, I buy vinyl when this is an option. I still enjoy music from my streamer, in its 4th retrofittable hardware iteration, but the P10 just makes better music.

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I am now wondering between a Lyra Etna on the P10 or Van den Hull the Crimson.
Lyra is 9,2 grammes, 0,55 mv.
The Crimson: 8,7 gr. 0,65 mv. Much cheaper but I don’t really know how it will sound. Only very good reviews and descriptions that please me. But Mr VDH is quite very old now…
The Lyra is more appealing because i have already the Delos. I know the sound. But I fear it may be too much dynamics for my system and room.