Long-gone, once-had or childhood system pics


Yes. LOL :blush:



this was it, around 86/87. Had a record deck too and later a CD player. Gave out a lot of teenage kicks form the Pistols to the Doors to the Cure. Was in constant use evenigns and weekends. happy times.


My first system centred on an amp built by a good friend of mine had one input and a volume control that was either at zero or max subsequently resolved by the addition of a nad preamp. Speakers were kits and source was a Phillips cd101. Sounded like bliss to my ears right up to the point when some toad pinched the whole lot.


Put this in the long gone column …


Some decent size speakers - but three of them?


He was notoriously hard of hearing …


I suspect he might have been a bit chesty too, smoking all those fags!


My two places where music lived in the beginning…


And some other sound objects…





That brings back memories, Graeme. I had a Haker (mono) in the late '60s and loved it! Thanks for posting.


Everyone had such cool stuff back in the day. I’m afraid my journey has been through a pretty humdrum path


My first music system - Philips FCD485 . It was 1989 and it had a CD player! I used to have a subscription with my local library to hire their CDs to try different music.

I eventually graduated, and with my first salary payment bought a Technics SE-CH404. It was a big jump for me in sound.

A few more salary payments and a few months of paying the mortgage on a flat…

I decided I wanted a proper HiFi. What HiFi? magazine consumed and off I went to my local HiFi dealer and home I came with my Arcam Alpha One CD player, Arcam Alpha 5+ Amp and Mission 751 book shelf loadspeakers.


Ofcourse… inevitably an upgrade session called… Mission 752 Freedom speakers had just been launched… more salary payments and a promotion or two…

Then marriage, a move abroad… The Alpha 5 + volume pot started to scratch and pop. Time for an upgrade

Rega Mira 3 amp and Rega Planet 2000 CD player.


Pro-Ject RPM6 SB


But then

And then…

And then another 2 after him… It was all iPods and iTunes after that for quite some time… 15 years actually.


I thought I would add one of my dads early systems that actually got me interested in separates hi fi.
I would eagerly wait for him and my mum to go out somewhere, so I could have a private listen :innocent:

Dual CS505 Turntable

Nad 3020 to Nad 3020e

Kef Coda 3 Speakers

Then Later Rodgers LS4a


I had that system (with the Rodgers)! Sweet sounding I recall.