Music Chain

Tarja Turunen: Crimson deep from the live album Act 1

Bright Red by Laurie Anderson from the album of the same name.

This time I’ll stick with the artist as link: the one that brought her to mtpy attention, and which I really like, O Superman (from the album Big Science

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Bowie The Supermen from the album The Man Who Sold the World.

Here comes the supernatural anaesthetist - Genesis from the album The lamb lies down on broadway (my favourite album of theirs)

Deep Purple - Smooth dancer from the final studio album of the Mk2 line-up, Who do we think we are?

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A favourite of mine Dark Black by Kristina Train from the album of the same name.

Trains by Porcupine Tree from the album In Absentia

Giant Sand - Love Like a Train
(The background talking noise is radio reception in the wah-wah pedal and it’s perfect :smiley: )

Paul Kossoff in Back Street Crawler.

Curved Air - Back street luv from their imaginatively titled Second Album

Mike Watt - Big Train

Mike Watt of Minutemen and fIREHOSE minute fame from his 1995 “Ball-hog or Tugboat” album, which at the height of the indie and grunge hype assembled a different supergroup of newly minted stars for each track and a different look back at where they had come from. This one with:

Damn a second after IB

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Groundhogs: Cherry red, from their album Split

Melvins - Hog Leg

Genesis - Return of the giant hogweed from tge album Nursery Cryme

Skatalites - Hog in a Cocoa

Edgar Broughton Band - Night hogs from their final and rather good album Superchip, the final silicon solution. unfortunately not on uTube, so Spotify:

Slovenly - Pig Farmer’s Daughter
it’s the band where apparently I’m the only person in the whole world who likes them, and I adore them

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