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Supertramp - Crime of the century from the album of that name

I was thinking of the Supertramp track however I’ll go with AC/DC when they were actually AC/DC and Jailbreak

Jailbait by Wishbone Ash, from their second album Pilgrimage

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Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here

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For double points I think:
Here I go by Syd Barrett from his first solo album The madcap laughs

Sid Vicious - My Way

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Sid viscous real name John Ritchie.
John Ritchie played for Stoke City.
Robbie Williams born in Stoke-on-Trent.

Convoluted link or what! I assumed it was something like the similarity of their faces/heads in the above posts, or maybe both artists have hair… :upside_down_face:

See me, feel me - from Tommy by the Who, this version live from Woodstock:

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Diana Ross - Touch Me In The Morning

Good morning little schoolgirl from the album Sssh by Ten years after

I played ‘Ssssh’ to death on a beaten up record player as a schoolboy in Edinburgh more years ago than I care to remember now.

Alvin Lee the best person to come out of Nottingham since Jesse Boot.

(Am I right in remembering that he earned himself the nickname ‘the fastest fingers in the West’ after Ten Years After’s blistering, show-stealing performance at Woodstock?)

I know he had some such nickname, though not whether any particular performance triggered that. I first heard it on my older brother’s Dansette type record player when it first came out, and played (his copy) from quite frequently on my then new first hifi system (we shared records, having similar music tastes, which was good for having more albums than I could afford myself - thou after he left home I had to fill in missing records! I don’t think a year goes by without at least one play, sometimes several.

Not sure I want to follow that up maybe with a Gary Glitter track. Going to move it to a different direction.

Alice Cooper Schools Out

That one occurred to me as an obvious link even while I was posting! My favourite AC track.

Dreadlock holiday by 10cc, from their album Deceptive bends


It was so much the link but more the content- school girls.

I don’t think School’s out is about school girls…. At least, not in any of the words I’ve heard listening (original recording).

It was about my post but yours,

I think I misunderstood - I now realise you were referring to not linking GG, whereas I thought you were saying that was the link for School’s out.

Well, a week has passed with no follow up, so I’ll do my own link:

Holiday by Scorpions, from their album Lovedrive, with its rather curious cover.