MusicWorks G3, Wireworld Matrix 2 or Hydra?

I’ve now got my system in a good place with Full Fraim, Nac 82, Supercap2, 2 x Nap 135s, Linn LP12 Cirkus, Kore, Lingo 1, Graham Slee phono stage Reflex M, NDS with Hiline, 555PS, Zoneripper, Cisco switch, Focal Aria 936.

So now I’m looking at power supplies. Currently have dedicated radial circuit with two unswitched double sockets.

I have had a quote from Custom HiFi Cables for a hydra style distribution block for 7 power supplies all star earthed. Also looking at MusicWorks G3 with powerline or powerline lites. I have 1 powerline lite and 3 standard naim mains cables.

Have been following threads closely and have listened to dealer advice.

Am very interested in what experience you have had and the comparisons.

The hydra idea of having everything star earthed is recommended by some. Having the poweramps going directly into the mains sockets is also recommended.

Let me know what you think and works best for you.

Many thanks.


It can help


You have also the musicworks thread in search part.
Personally I would go for the first, better vs wireworld and more suited to Naim than Hydra ( it’s a power conditionner?)
I have the Eros Titan myself.

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I have a G3 with the upgraded base and it’s very good. It gets you closer to the music without throwing detail at you in a weird hifi way. Why not borrow one from your dealer and see what you think.

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I know some of you have had the wireworld matrix 2 and then replaced it with the Music Works G3 are the differences worth the extra money?

Custom Hifi Cables make a star earthed distribution block where all mains are connected to one block with mains leads made to’s not a conditioner. Similar to Graham’s hydra.

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I am one of those who replaced my Wireworld Matrix 2 with the latest MusicWorks Ultra G3 (now with a sparkly base) and IMHO the difference is worth the extra money. But VFM is subjective and the ultimate SQ benefit of the G3 will vary from system to system. So if you are able to borrow a G3 from a dealer, I would recommend it. This is how I came to my decision to buy one.

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Is the Wireworld Matrix worth doing as an intermediate solution? And then wait for G3 when funds permit. Or would you hold out for G3?

Upgrades this year are massive: 135s serviced, 82 serviced. NDS, 555PS, Supercap 2, Zoneripper and Kore/Cirkus on LP12 to name but a few. Lol.

In ideal world I’d buy 5 powerlines and get G3 with updated base.

I have had both…be patient, listen to the G3…worth the wait

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Thanks Gazza. Appreciate advice from everyone here!

On the back of @Dan_M ‘s question, is a device like the G3 worthwhile on his system or my recently serviced 82sc, 250, cdsii/xps? Or is it more suited to more modern electronics and especially the 555 boxes?

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Your system is similar to mine. Had the CDS2 and XPS but had to sell it to make way for NDS and 555PS. Tbh would be tempted to buy another CDS2, loved that warmth and analogue feeling of it.

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Yes. I’m on the lookout for a nice late pair of 135’s. But I’m in no hurry as bought all the above this year along with 2001 SBL’s. Have followed this thread as interested in eking out the last drop of goodness from my system. (Long way to go), but wondered if the Olive series would benefit from a £1k block! I can understand at the level of 555 kit, but 20year old kit?

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My CB 135s sound amazing especially after they were serviced. Had 250CB before which was superb. 135s give more clarity, better presentation and a bit more oomph. Overall sound is very similar but noticeable differences. Never cuts out at high volume either which I occasionally found with 250!


Don’t forget £300 base unit!

I have an 8 way Custom HiFi Cables PowerBlack Distribution Block. The build quality is very good and the cable shielding is significantly better than that of the standard Naim cables. I can warmly recommend the CHC distribution block, but I have not compared it to the MusicWorks G3 or to the Wireworld Matrix 2.

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Thanks for that. I use CHC for various things. So good to know you are happy with the PowerBlack DB. It’s what I had a quote for. What’s your system out of interest?

The source is an Allo DigiOne Signature directly connected to an nDAC via DC1 cable. The nDAC is connected to a SN2 via SL interconnect, the SN2 feeds Ovator S-400 via NACA5. I do not use any external PSU on the nDAC and on the SN2. The DigiOne Signature is powered by an UpTone Audio JS-2 (rpi side) and by an UpTone Audio LPS-1.2 (clean side) itself also powered by the JS-2. I use the CHC power block to power the JS-2, the nDAC, the SN2, an Oppo 203 and a Chromecast Audio. The 203 and the CA are also connected to the nDAC via electrical and optical SPDIF.

So you have a few spare power supplies for future upgrades!

Right! Perhaps it was a bit silly to order and 8 ways block but the cables are nicely concealed in a cabinet and the additional outputs give me enough flexibility to upgrade to separates should I decide to do so. I also have ordered the block a few months before the first Brexit date and I was not sure that it would be so easy to get UK products onto the continent after that date!