Muso-2 Wifi Problems - What worked for me

Hi all, yesterday I had my Virgin SuperHub 2 replaced by the SuperHub 3 and I had a lot of issues getting the Muso-2 working with the new hub. I see that many others on this forum are having the same issues, so now mine is resolved I thought I would share the steps I took.

I don’t know what the minimum combination of steps are required, and as it is working I do not intend to try and isolate the root cause. :slight_smile:

  1. Change the wireless signal so that 2.4G and 5G have separate network names (SSID).
  2. Change 2.4G, set wireless mode to 8.2.11n, channel selection to manual, channel to 8, channel width to 20/40MHz, security to WPA2-PSK.
  3. Disable channel optimisation.
  4. Set iPhone to use the 2.4G network.
  5. At this point when trying to setup WiFi via iPhone it would find the Muso and I could select the Wifi network but it would fail when trying to update the Muso.
  6. Factory reset.
  7. Uninstall/reinstall Naim app.
  8. Connect Muso to SuperHub via the network cable.
  9. Run through the setup in the app (excluding WiFi).
  10. From the Naim app I can now play audio, and I can play from Spotify app also.
  11. Turn off the Muso, unplug the network cable, turn back on.
  12. Muso went into Wifi setup mode automatically (purple flashing light).
  13. Open Naim app, choose ‘+’ to add device.
  14. Follow the steps, this time the Muso update completed.
  15. Now I am able to play via Spotify via Wifi connection.
  16. Turn off, move Muso back downstairs (my router is on the floor above).
  17. Turn back on, Wifi connection still working, can still play from Spotify.

One thing that occurred to me was that the signal strength is lower downstairs compared with next to the router so maybe it just needs a strong signal for the setup?

I hope this is helpful to others.



Welcome to the forums - and thanks for such a useful post!

I forgot to add that at step 9 the Muso-2 firmware was also updated.

Not sure everyone can do that. But can be useful to point.

I purchased a Muso Qb2 and couldn’t connect to my 5Ghz network. After hours of search on the net and in this community, I finally landed on this post that specifies that Muso supports only 5Ghz band A & B.

I was using band C 5Ghz ch 153 as that is Netgear’s recommendation and also had the least interference. Upon changing to Band A ch48, Qb2 connected immediately. (5Ghz ch list here)

It is unfortunate that none of these specs are listed in the Muso docs.


Hi @aboulfad

Thanks for the post and sorry that you’ve had some wrestling with getting the Muso on to your network.

The retrospective introduction of new available bands into the 5GHz spectrum has caused a lot of problems on compatibility. Currently it’s primarily a USA issue, but other countries are starting to introduce the higher bands, although wifi router manufacturers are hesitant to use the new bands by default.

As of the v4.3 software release (due this month) the Muso and Qb gain band C support in the 5GHz band, if the regional regulations allow use of that band. We follow the country code reported by the router which in turn selects the correct Wifi regulatory tables for that country.

On a side note the goal posts are moving again with the FCC opening up some bands in the 5.9Ghz zone. See:

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Hello Steve,

Appreciate much the reply. Great news about v4.3 support for 5Ghz band C (U-NII-3). I’ll look forward to testing it.

My netgear AC1900 (nighthawk r7000) that is many years old supported all 3 bands and have been using ch153 with many devices at home.
The router region is set to North America (I am in Can), upon inspection of my MacBook wifi country code is CA, so should be all set to try v4.3 upon its release. (This month as in Oct ? :slight_smile: )


Thank you, Steve.

Can you provide a link to a Naim Support post on the current state of this issue, and current Naim-recommended best practices for overcoming it? It is probably discoverable with a little effort, but a link here would be helpful.

Or make this a sticky-post.

Thank you.


hi, if I can help given I went through a bit of “wrestling” to get wifi 5Ghz connectivity, lmk ? I’ve added in my above post all the links/resources that I used.

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Firmware 4.3 TIDAL Connect update for Mu-so 2nd Generation is out, the release notes don’t mention band C support. Is it in or not yet? Since then I’ve went wired, but good to know if it’s supported for moving the QB2 to areas without eth.


Hi @aboulfad

Yes, the v4.3 release adds in improved Wifi support, primarily:

  • Band C in the 5GHz band
  • Updated worldwide regulatory database
  • Latest wifi drivers from NXP. These should also help on compatibility with mesh networks as well.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Cool! Thank you. I guess the above is too technical to mention in the relnotes ; - )

There were quite a few tiny tweaks and fixes in the Firmware 4.3 release - rather than list them all separately, we summarised the key points then added this note:

  • Other fixes and improvements. At Naim Audio we are continually working to improve the usability of Mu-so and Mu-so Qb. Ensure you stay up to date to get the best experience.
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