NAC 272, with and without XPS?

Looking for opinions and experiences of using NAC 272 with and without XPS.

I recently bought a used XPS DR for my NAC 272 and the impressions so far are not only positive. Certainly an incredible number of aspects get better, a significant improvement in the base for example…
But I also experience a tonal change to a darker sound and a slightly more forced sound image, not at all as calm as before…
Therefore, I wonder if you who have tried have similar or other experiences?

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To my ears the XPS DR transforms the 272 in a positive way. (You would hope so, it more than doubles the price!) Do you have the boxes properly arranged on a suitable rack with some space between the boxes, and cables hanging freely?

How old is the XPS? I ask in case it is over 8 years old and would benefit from a service.

Best regards, BF

The answer is 555PS. Forget XPS2 regardless of DR or not.

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I already had a XPSDR when I bought my 272, so always used it that way at least until I was in the process of selling it. And then I thought the 272 was surprisingly good bare, but still improved, particularly in weight and realism, with the PS in use. How one judges the change may well depend on the speakers being used. Mine were standmounts: PMC Fact 3s.


I added an XPS DR to my 272 and it was one of those ‘wow’ moments. I thought the improvement was vast. Mine was p/l but just serviced.

Until you try 272/555PS

Hi @Bjorn. I’ve heard the 272 with and without the XPS and 555 but never in my system. However, I can remember very clearly the day I added the XPS (non DR) to my then CDX2 and first thought was that it was darker but less forced and more emotional. Funny how we hear things. But as the guys have said the 555 is something else again!



Just a thought, Burndy set up issues?

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Added our new XPS DR to our 272 on Sunday morning, fresh from the factory via local dealer.

Initial impressions straight out of the box were an improved clarity on treble and slight increase in bass weight/speed. Our speakers were already very strong on midrange and vocals but there’s increased separation of voices from instruments.

Given that it took about 3 months for our 250DR to settle down and reach peak performance I’m expecting some sort of extended run in on the XPS too. But even this evening the definition on sound via Sky Q is noticeably better with a wider soundstage.

Higher quality internet radio streams also definitely sound clearer.

I’m on leave from work on Friday and it’ll get an extended listening session then.


…I added a XPS 2 to my NDX 2 two plus years ago and it was an incredible upgrade right from the time of install! Congratulations and you will notice improvement for a period of time as you listen through your music collection.

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Hi Lindsay and everyone else.
Yes, I was very surprised that the sound changed character to a darker tone but above all that the calm disappeared, trying right now without the XPS and now the calm is back…
The boxes are set up in a good hifi rack with plenty of space between the boxes and the bundy hangs freely, so it can not be due to anything like that. The XPS is quite new, 2017, so it can not be that it needs service.
It would be fun if someone with technical knowledge could explain what happens technically when you connect an XPS as a power source. For me, a 555 is completely out of the question considering what it costs, somewhere you have to draw the line…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Best Regards, Björn

It was an interesting answer, to forget about XPS completely, can you explain what you mean a little more?

Some effects of adding the XPS were already mentioned, but not the improved dynamics. Perhaps you feel the dynamic sound as more fatiguing. My XPS-DR is out for maintenance and the sound of my N272 has not improved at all (in my ears).

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XPSDR added dynamics, deeper more controlled bass and more realism. More details and depth without adding any harshness. A naked 272 sounded lifeless in comparison. XPSDR is bit more in your face compared to a 555PSDR which is just perfect. It’s a bit going from 250DR to 300DR going from XPSDR to 555PSDR. Bit more laidback but when it starts to invite you and expose its benefits there’s no going back.

Went through the same XPSDR then 555DR upgrades on a 272 and couldn’t describe it better.

How long has the XPS been powered up? You should leave it for a while before making any critical assessments. My dealer would often leave Naim boxes powered up for 24 hours before running a demo.

Hi Bjorn

I think it’s mainly been covered but let the XPS settle in and enjoy the ride.

Also, don’t forget to review your speaker positioning. Significant changes upstream mean you need to review the speaker/room interaction/placement. Many people just dump a new box in, when it’s made significant differences to the character of the sound, and forget about your speakers.

Enjoy the combo, I’ve had the 272/XPS2 for a few years now and it can really sound superb.


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Have the same combination attached to active ATCs, amazing sound, I confirm.
555PSDR added a bit more detail and shape, but with XPS you hear more fluid air flowing in the room and space, it’s just gives wings to music I can say

I have been thinking about the answers I got here, which I am grateful for, and I think that two answers really hit the head on the nail, as we say in Sweden…

I think the XPS energy and power simply became too much for mine current listening room together with the floor-standing speakers I use… It may very well explain my impressions, the system simply needs a larger room to breathe and reach its potential.
This weekend, I will therefore move the entire system down to the living room to try what this can do for the sound. I have good hopes that this will make a big difference! Thanks to everyone for your commitment and good advice, a special thanks to you Jay and you Maarten, grateful to be part of a very good forum I must say!

Regards, Björn