NAC 52 and POTs 8?

Can anyone tell me what upgrading a older 52 (POTs 4/5?) to a POTs 8 will do?

Are the POTs 8’s still available? I thought I saw a post mentioning they weren’t.

The long version:

The short version:


Tht OP might also want to go back in time…

Naim Forum Archive - 52 Updates

“Owners of 52 with pots earlier than Pots 7 (S/N 126147) could benefit from an upgrade to pots 8.”

As @robert_h posted above, Class A can now again do the POTS8 update.

Maybe combine with a Service…?


Would that also mean they’d be available in the US?

Don’t see any reason your US dealer/servicer can’t request the parts direct from Naim UK.

You could contact the distributor or else Chris West at AV Options and ask what your options are.

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I could not say… :expressionless:

Class A are based in Sheffield (UK).

You should do you own investigation.

Check with Focal/Naim in Canada. Michel is the guy to ask for N.America availability.

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Thanks! Will do!

Hi guys, I just moved and made a lot of pictures but missed one. Can anyone of you tell me what slots at the 52 shall I use to connet to my NAP 135. I am talking about the cables with the red and green ring.

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You do not connect to the 52 - you connect to the Supercap, AFAIK… :thinking:

Use the two sockets to the left of the Burndy on the Supercap.

Thanks guys!

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