Nac 552

Hi guys

Recently purchased a second hand 2014 NAC 552 & DR PS (Being delivered Friday)
Will it be a good partner to my 300DR ?

Upgrading from a 2003 252 & non DR SC so I’m hoping the difference will be quite substantial…



Superb preamp almost as good as it gets. Pairs well with any of the Naps, will be great with the 300.


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Yes……it’s a great preamp and power amp combo. Let it settle in……get the cable placement right….just enjoy👍

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Hi yes it is the one off eBay!

Amazing price…

Do you think it’s dodgy?

Yes was going to PM but don’t know if it’s possible on here.

The same unit (from pics) has sold a few times on eBay recently and someone here posted they’d bought it and it didn’t arrive a few weeks back. Hope I’m wrong and apologies if I am.

Amazing price. That’s a big warning as always.

It does seem a bit too good to be true to be honest??

But I’m paying on PayPal and it’s covered with the eBay guarantee…

So hey, what could go wrong :sweat::sweat:

This was the thread

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£8500 seemed a bit cheap for a 2014 DR version

I’ve asked for a clearer photo of the serials… if they have it then they can take pictures…
they say one owner from new ?

Once I get the picture through I’ll phone Naim to get the details of it before I pay up!

So glad I posted :joy:


I actually concidered it, but I was a bit skeptical as the seller had good reviews but previously only sold doll clothing at pocket money prices. But hope you get it! And I guess ebay alway guarantee money back? Courious as to how it turns out.

Just zoomed in on the eBay picture…

Can anyone make out the word ‘seconds’ :confounded::confounded:

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If something appears too good to be true then it almost certainly is. Avoid!!!


Seems to be the same as linked earlier. Not Standard unit serial sticker and likely same scam.

While we’re at it, what would be a reasonable price for a 4-6 yo 552 DR?

This is the combination I have. It is great! The improvement over the 252 is very noticeable.

I am sure you will enjoy it.

PS: I didn’t see the concerns before posting. If they can be lifted, go for it.

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Get the Ser No checked with Naim HQ… :thinking:

Am sure they can tell you, tomorrow - whats what.

If it’s purely cosmetic and the sound quality is fine, it’s probably the right price. Presumably it would never have escaped the factory if it was non functional, and is still serviceable to normal standards by Naim. Although I’m not saying the seller shouldn’t have been clearer…

Cancelled it!

Can’t get past the word seconds on the label?

Not worth the risk…

Ah well… listening to the jam on the 252… could be worse :joy:

Cheers everyone