Naim Approved Service Agents

Thank you. Much appreciated.

@Naim.Marketing Just doing the regular ping on this topic. Any news?

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@Richard.Dane Now that Clare has left us, any chance the baton for this issue can be passed onto to someone else at Naim?


FZ, I’m not sure who that would be, but I’ll look into it when I next manage to get down to the factory. Thanks to Covid it has been more than 2 years since I was last there. I’m due down in the next couple of months to catch up on some stuff but just need to get a date in the diary that both Jason and I can do…

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It’s the perfect job for you Richard, in between writing the Naim Biography :wink:

I’m a bit too far away from the factory these days, and of course looking after all you lot on the forum keeps me rather busy alongside everything else that has to be done here.

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Actually I think it is steamy memoir about the life of a hifi forum moderator in a sleepy rural French town.

Kind of Under The Tuscan Sun meets Hi Fidelity meets Betty Blue :smiley:


How very dare you, Sir……I can’t think what you might mean.


I can :rofl:

Things are well sorted in the Netherlands by Latham. Excellent responsiveness, service and quality of work during my (many) years of Naim ownership. They do service, repairs and DR upgrades in-house.

I’d certainly need my UQ1 serviced and screen replaced.

No way I want it done in UK as my dealer suggested.

Germany approved would be OK nice for me being in Scandinavia.

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