Naim boxes

Hi all,

What do people do with all their boxes if they don’t have room to store them? I don’t have a garage or loft.

I see two alternatives:

  1. collapse them

  2. keep half and throw half. I assume Naim will accept any Naim box for servicing?

Just wondering people’s preferred choice?


I would collapse them, although if you don’t have anywhere to store even collapsed boxes and internal foams then even that may be tricky.

Alternatively ask your dealer if they’re able to hold them for you.

Ouch, the only boxes - camera and audio that I didn’t keep were the speaker boxes .

Having only tiny loft space, an already full garage, and shed intended for other things, I keep only boxes that I think I will need, whether hi-fi, or anything else. Buying most hi-fi gear secondhand, often not having manufacturers’ boxes, minimises boxes! The smaller boxes, I do keep in the tiny bit of loft. Both my last speakers and current ones that I bought only six months ago came in the original boxes, which I have kept. With the speakers being relatively large floorstanders, they are big boxes! I collapsed them and put in the shed, the flattened cardboard against the wall, and the packing pieces/spacers bundled together as best I could, wrapped tightly with plastic to hold together, and also in the shed. Not ideal as still occupies space, but if I were to move house, let alone sell the speakers, they would be invaluable for protecting them. (Last time I moved house with large speakers, without boxes, I had to build something to protect them while manhandled in transit.

Surely someone you know has some loft space you could pay a peppercorn rent for?

…or a few bottles of wine

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I keep all my boxes… :hushed:

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And, the New Classic boxes are larger. Just too large to fit through our loft hatch.

Keep boxes + packaging…increases p/x value


Just ask a cricketer where he puts his box.


I keep all boxes except for speakers.


I still have my SBL boxes, now they do take up space!


I store boxes in boxes. My sbl boxes are stored in my Ovator boxes.


Its bad enough keeping a load of Naim boxes. I also have the boxes and bits for 2 x 802 D2s as well.
All that cardboard does not come cheap. it does help when P/Xing with your dealer.

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Keep them all as a rule but … In house 1 … I kept ALL the DBL boxes and when the time came … back in to their boxes they went, and off to house 2. In House 2 … Oh, I tried, I really tried, trust me … but have you seen these things? The Base boxes had to go in the outside shed where sadly they disintegrated a few years later. But to the eventual new buyer I could at least offer ALL the foam packing, plus the boxes for the bass units and HF/MF units. And guess what … they wouldn’t fit in his vehicle, so it was, stuff it mate, just help me load the speakers in, we’re fine :slight_smile:

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The boxes can also be used to store other things that need storage and save space but comment has been made about the number of boxes I have in cupboards.

I generally store them when nobody is looking. It’s hard to get into a conversation that might touch on saying ‘of course I keep the boxes - do you have any idea how much these things cost!’

I keep mine in the loft. Im actually shocked how many i have, and how much space they take up.

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I keep them all, easier to re-sell/move with them…

Also keep boxes for other stuff…speakers (challenging), TT’s, etc, etc…

Keep them in a dedicated storage area in a sub-loft/eaves area, some of them have been with us for a while…


Mine are all kept in the loft. If you can’t store them, then you may well get a good price for them on eBay

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Again? I’m only just getting used to the Classic boxes being bigger than the Olive ones.

To answer to original question, I would keep them all and collapse them. They are usually held together with those big staples. Although you will still need to keep the foam bits.

I keep all the boxes for anything I’ve bought and may want to either sell or get serviced.

I keep all my equipment boxes, which is just as well.

My NAT-01 (with NAPST) has been to Naim HQ for its first ever service, and is now awaiting collection at my dealer.

And my CDSII/XPS is just about to go for a new mech.

I’d have been scrabbling around, frantically looking for suitable packaging if I hadn’t kept the original packaging boxes.