Naim CD3.5 need repair

I have tried to fix my CD3.5 for a couple of times without success.
I’m thinking of buying a CD with power input as CD3.5, but way too expensive for me now.
The tech told me the main chip been broken, thus the laser keep pushing and can’t read cd.
Is there any way to purchase the chip or other suggestion?

I google and found the chip seems to be different.
Here is normal found chipset.

How did you try to fix it and who is “the tech” who told you? Did you ask Naim?


This CD3.5 issue is controller error caused by the main chip confirmed by both US and Asia dealer technology man. Thus it is quite confirmed. Attached the RA photo.
But the issue is no way to get the main chip with program. So come to ask around. Kindly input if any solution. thanks

In this case, Naim can probably repair it but there is the risk of mech failure when shipping. Tricky. Where are you located and do you have a good local distributor? Maybe @NeilS can advise what the best solution is in your situation and your location.

Hi lonk,

Your dealer won’t be able to order CDP104 as it is a very early revision & runs on an older hardware version of the PIC.
They should be able to order the latest revision on the newer PIC which is totally compatible with your player - CDc01-01


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Had my 3.5 (and flatcap) for about 22 years now, went wrong about 10ish years back and sent back to Naim. Some bits replaced including PIC(?) Came back sounding better than ever, certainly a step up from when new.

Still going strong now and sounds marvellous. Can’t help but feel they’re vastly under-rated machines.

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hi Neil:
Been carried CD3.5 back to Taiwan Asia, previous in USA. Since I bought it from previous dealer, the technical engineer is now in “REPP Audio” to fix the issue. Should I ask them to help put the order for newer PIC from naim? Kindly let me know how it worked.

Hi lonk,

Unfortunately I’m unable to discuss DIY repairs without breaking the forum rules.
All I can really suggest is to take the unit to our retailer in Taiwan & ask them if they are able to repair the unit, or they can return it to Naim in the UK.
Please contact our Technical Support Department if you need any further advice regarding your options.


Covid19 impact, the back and forth shipping will be too long. The local dealer been revised and not accept previous old model for repair, current old naim user is living in the lonely planet. Cold as ice age without any sunshine, so sad.
And my friend thus purchase the naim uniti, also terrible story, the LED panel is still waiting for repair. It seems only left is the amplifier alive.

Can’t you reach out to non-taiwanese dealers? If you go into the full shipping circus with Naim it might indeed take much time, but there are a few Naim dealers / repair centres around which can do supported repairs too. Yes, this involves shipping.

Hi Neil,

Quite frankly a lot of Naim dealers drag their feet where servicing older models are concerned.

The Naim dealer who sold me a certain item isn’t interested .

If Naim’s business strategy relies on a reputation built post sales support of legacy products …

It is time we were allowed to deal direct on any model over a certain age. Not least because if you bought something twenty years ago, the chances are the dealer who sold it you is no longer around.

Appreciate that this is not your area, but perhaps one to “boot upstairs” ?


Your only official options here are to have it repaired by a Naim authorised technician - contact your distributor - or at the Naim factory, which of course involves shipping and customs and may not be worthwhile. Naim will only send parts to their official distributors and dealers. If you wish to contact Naim support then by all means do so via the usual email or phone number on the website.

My old naim model naim nac72+ 180 been recap twice and goes strong without any issue, thus I still keep it in my room and enjoy music when reading. That is what really matter for long time music partners. Now since the CD is dead, only the cassette and LP keep the music going.
Hope it kept alive during covid-19 home isolated stage.

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Totally agree with you, The Naim dealers changed around and refuse to repair old model.
It is understood that new dealers don’t care the old model as no business advantage.
So at last, user need to select the better service brand to purchase.

That doesn’t sound like an official good solution for user.
Good for my toyota car no such official option.
But thanks for reply anyway.

Just trying to help you. Outside of the UK the distributor is your best port of call if your dealer no longer exists or has changed.

The closest distributor for me is Hong Knog.
And here is the response:


It seems my old poor naim CD3.5 become the fire ball.
Everyone is pass the buck .
So sad, for the old fashion naim users.