Naim Chrome Bumper

It’s definitely not standard, no. Tim, do you know what it is?

I’m mindful that it may very well breach forum rules re. modified Naim kit (there’s a regular serial number so likely not a Naim prototype), but I’m curious all the same.

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There appears to be 3 HiCap style 5 pin DIN inputs, in the top row…?

I’m having it restored to standard power supply, but this, according to the listing, is modded to run from six power rails (so, IanRobertM is probably right about 3 HiCaps)…

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The horror, the horror…


Interesting. One for @Darran or @NeilS to see…

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It looks like a triple Hicap mod at first glance, but the wiring of those three 5 pins looks curious.
If the socket wiring diagram on the back is correct, the 7 pin DIN seems like an odd choice if only three conductors are needed. I wonder what was at the other end of the input cable?
Seems like an earthing nightmare!



Hi Geoff, just spotted this and which of the Radford shops was this from? I lived in Windsor at that time and still have my dad’s MkI Kans, playing as I type this, from there.

Hi @Jono-13

Gloucester Road, Bristol, Mike Manning was the manager at the time, and did the demonstration.

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I always wondered why they opened a branch in Windsor, which is a fair trek from the other stores. I bought several bits from them and they were the proud owners of a sign promising to poke Eton school boys in the eye if they touched any of the kit on display!

It looks like a 7 pin din was used to ensure the signal input couldn’t get mixed up with the HiCap dins. The signal would have come direct from the preamp to the 7 pin din socket. All of those chunky blue 47uF (Philips ? ) capacitors will be well past their prime by now!


That would make logistical sense, but also would affirm my suspicion of an earthing mess!



Been comparing the Nait to 42.5/110 this week. Source is Lingo 1/Ekos 2/Adikt deck with black liner bearing. Speakers are late Kan 1s.

No doubt the Nait is the more musical and coherent option. Anyone that’s heard one will know what I mean. However, with the majority LPs, it’s struggling to drive the Kans. If I play 12" singles then the extra signal volume pretty much overcomes this so I expect that an external phono stage with line level output would do the same trick. But then there’s the lack of bass on top. The room is already too big for these speakers so it just doesn’t work but it could in a small study or box bedroom.

Lastly, there’s something ever so right about 42.5/110/Kans with a MM cart fitted vintage LP12. The synergy is just right. It’s like baby bear porridge. My desire for a wider range of musical genres is greater too and nothing seems to sound bad, although it obviously never reaches the hi fidelity of an MC. So, I’m happily back with this option despite it not being the most musically coherent.


Nice write-up and good that you have two rewarding sets of vintage Naim!

I can recommend vintage Royd speakers with the Nait 2. Higher sensitivity and more bass output than the Kan 1s, might be the ticket.


Looking at the LP12, perhaps you can also experiment with a cartridge change, to Nagaoka MP-series (MP200) or AT VM-series (VM95SH).

To my ears both play nicer with the Nait’s internal phono stage than the Adikt did.
Adikt into Nait could perhaps benefit from an external Lejonklou designed for it.

Finally, Karousel adds low level drive also, but that’s a bigger change.


Thanks daddycool. The SH is the only VM95 I’ve not got. I should really give it a try as I’m getting the VM95E put back on my Valhalla/Ittok deck as I didn’t get on with the Goldring rebuilt Karma.

I like the Adikt with Lingo/Ekos. Didn’t like it with Valhalla/Ittok though - a bit too sluggish.

A suitable MM phono is a good idea with VM95 cart into Nait.

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I’ve edited my original post to hopefully better reflect what I meant, English is not my first language.

When I tried the Adikt with Ittok / Hercules, it wasn’t the best match for the Nait’s phono stage. You are right that cart/arm/psu combinations of the LP12 lead to possibly very different results. I think the AT-VM95SH should be fine directly into the Nait in both your setups. Please do report back!

It is great that you have the luxury of two LP12 decks and two vintage Naim to try all combinations. On the other hand that will also involve trial-and-error to arrive at the winning combinations out of all the variables. Sounds like fun :slight_smile:


Made perfect sense to me - didn’t for one second think you were a non-native English speaker

Yes, a lot of trial and error indeed. Made worse cos I have 3 LP12s, 3 vintage pre/power, Nait and Kan, Saras, Briks. I am my own worst enemy cos I only actually need two systems. One for office and one for the house. It’s taken a long time to find the kit that I really like. And now trying to find the best combination is also a challenge, but fun at times too.

I’m learning how important the overall system is. Musically, I would rate the amps, 12/BD160, Nait, 32.5/CB160 and 42.5/110 although the 12/BD160 and Nait are trading blows much of the time. However, with the Adikt deck and Kans, I defo enjoy the 42.5/110 most.


Was able to find another Nait1 in Mint condition, a red Led, but with the same latest volume pot like as the one with the green led, so not an early one.


Is it for another system or are you after a better one?

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Early red LED versions have the smooth volume knob.