Naim Discontinue Active Systems..?

Seen a report attributed to @Cymbiosis - Peter Swain (on the Naim FaceBook page …?) that Naim are discontinuing all active systems…?

Anyone know more or can confirm/deny…??

@Richard.Dane - ??

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Worth having a read of this thread Ian.

Makes you wonder what may be in the new product pipeline if the full discontinuation of Active crossovers is true :thinking:


@james_n - I was aware of that - and the Thread linked is around 11 months old.

This appears to be something new - within the last few days. According to Facebook…?

The post is dated 16th Dec - quote (from a Tim Danaher, in Naim - Tips,Tweaks and Mods, on FB) -

“I’ve just read that Naim are discontinuing all active systems… from Peter Swain, no less, on the Naim Audio Facebook page.”

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I don’t use FB so haven’t seen the ‘news’. Perhaps the Focal & Naim active speakers are ready for release :flushed:


I have an FB accouint but TBH I do not understand how it works. Seems to not be like other platforms…? Lessons from my son are in op…

Naim are discontinuing the SNAXO but Cymbiosis have secured a final very small supply.


If i was in the market for active with Naim i would consider the Exposure crossover or if specifically for Kudos then call them as I understand they are going to do their own active crossover.


Sounds like a familiar story? Perhaps Peter could encourage Naim to make some more, when he has enough orders. It worked with some Linn products.

Maybe in the future The Naim and Focal synergies (love that word🤣) will come into play and they do something similar to what ATC do. Would make sense and significantly reduce the box count. Many people are finding that this is the way to go, so I read on the show us your ATCs thread. I remember a picture of an active 500 DBL system in a country cottage years ago with some larking around regarding cable dressing. I have enough with my system but that must have been a nightmare. Interesting times as they say and as long as Naim look after existing customers with regards servicing etc would not bother me in the slightest. Although I can imagine many being upset by this news


That’s true although I was told to keep it a secret so glad that you ‘spilled the beans’ not me


I see it on the Naim FB Group but the crossovers are not shown as discontinued on the Naim site (other products such as the NAP-N 272 are shown as discontinued) and are available from other dealers.

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The Naim website is not known for its accuracy :wink:


A re-badged Exposure implementation perhaps?

Why would they need to……they make the crossover, just add a psu and an external box?

I guess it reflects demand realities but it’s a sad day if true. Hardly surprising though. You can count the number of dealers prepared to demo active systems on the fingers of a boxing glove.


The SNAXO is rather outdated, and better in my view better would be a an active SO with user selectable crossover frequencies and phase adjustment as well as channel level, making it user adaptable to most speakers. ATC used to make just such for pro use …30 or more ago ago ago. I had one and the crossover frequencies were set using plug-in resistor banks, which could be bought from ATC, or made up if competent in doing. Thar was analogue, as was SNAXO - but better still would be digital, which could also allow user-selectable crossover slopes, to suit an even wider range of speakers. If the announcement was discontinuation of SNAXO it might suggest that Naim might be going this way - but not if as indicated they’re discontinuing all active systems…

You’re such a girl Rob….:wink::joy: Best Peter


If you say so Peter :joy:


I’m just waiting for the graphic equaliser to make a comeback!


Active the way naim does it or should i say did it is very old fashion these days, i very much doubt they sell many snaxo’s now, if any.
People dont want all the boxes and cables to do it, the gains are very slight if any with modern speakers these days as amps have also got much better.
Active speakers is the way to do it if at all and if focal and naim don’t bring one out, then that really says it all as far as active goes these day’s.
As my daughter would say its a dinosaur dad.