Naim Focal 10th Anniversary Edition?

Is there a ‘special edition’ set of Naim/Focal components to mark the 10th anniversary of the Naim and Focal ‘link-up’ ?

I saw an article purporting to be a report of a limited edition streamer, pre and power amps ( possibly with a HiCap?) and floor standing Focal loudspeakers. This flashed up on my screen, but disappeared just as quickly as I tried to read the piece. The Naim units looked to be a brushed natural aluminium finish.

Did I see perhaps an out of season 1st April spoof? Or did I just drift into, and straight back out of, a parallel universe?

This may all be perfectly on the level and I just haven’t been paying proper attention!

Very weird, whatever it was!

Hi Graham - it’s all here:


Thanks, but my ‘sick’ Mac won’t allow me to open the thread. It’s a relief that, apparently, I didn’t drift off into a parallel universe there for a few microseconds after all!

If it is indeed all above board, I’d have expected a bigger ‘splash’.

But good luck to whoever buys these units to get them to match in with other Naim components, of whatever vintage!

When you are able to open it, make sure you are comfortable: 689 replies! Lots of comment. . .