Naim Focal 10th Anniversary Edition?

Is there a ‘special edition’ set of Naim/Focal components to mark the 10th anniversary of the Naim and Focal ‘link-up’ ?

I saw an article purporting to be a report of a limited edition streamer, pre and power amps ( possibly with a HiCap?) and floor standing Focal loudspeakers. This flashed up on my screen, but disappeared just as quickly as I tried to read the piece. The Naim units looked to be a brushed natural aluminium finish.

Did I see perhaps an out of season 1st April spoof? Or did I just drift into, and straight back out of, a parallel universe?

This may all be perfectly on the level and I just haven’t been paying proper attention!

Very weird, whatever it was!

Hi Graham - it’s all here:


Thanks, but my ‘sick’ Mac won’t allow me to open the thread. It’s a relief that, apparently, I didn’t drift off into a parallel universe there for a few microseconds after all!

If it is indeed all above board, I’d have expected a bigger ‘splash’.

But good luck to whoever buys these units to get them to match in with other Naim components, of whatever vintage!

When you are able to open it, make sure you are comfortable: 689 replies! Lots of comment. . .

I’ve just noticed a 10th Anniversary system in a U.K. dealer’s sale, the grey(?) NDX2 / 282 / HCDR / 250 / Sopra 2 / SL cables, all for £18,500. I guess it was their display model.

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Beware of the colour… Has to be the only Naim set to depreciate as quick as a Rover Fastback used to!

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Horrible looking things in the pictures, not helped by the black knobs. You would have thought if you are going to go for another colour you would at least get matching knobs and buttons….

Maybe there will be a Rolling Stones “paint it black” upgrade option coming out at some stage with the statement that it will make it sound less tinny🤣

I wonder if anyone at Focal will get the order of the boot for orchestrating this horrible ‘anniversary’ edition.

Naim should slash the prices by half and re-market the units as the ‘Fiasco Edition’.


Has anyone bought any? I notice the UK dealer advertising it for £18k don’t have it listed on the web site so I assume they must have sold it. I had popped in a while back to look at it and the fascia’s were just painted, not anodised so it looked rather cheap in the flesh. I was only in the market for a source anyway so bought a ‘standard’ NDX2. I see the grey system has popped up in the Focal Powered By Naim store in Las Vegas. Obviously now it’s a total dead duck with New Classic on the way but I guess there’s still stock of it left. I wonder how many were made?

What about the twenty shades of grey edition

Either that or it went back to the factory for a respray.

I do hope that you’re not suggesting that anyone in the world ever bought any of that ghastly looking stuff. What were Focal trying to do - trying to kill the Naim name stone dead?


Words fail me - probably just as well!

Although I see that the possibility of a Factory respray has been mooted. Perhaps we will soon get to see a ‘Shocking Pink Edition’.

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I have seen a chrome edition at the factory…I think it was for Chinese market??

That whole thing struck me as a really bad marketing scheme from the beginning. Even if I were in the market for those exact components and knew even a little about Naim upgrade paths I would have opted for the classic Classics (i.e. black). As a dealer (if I were one) I might feel uncomfortable pushing the gray versions to my customers.

Ummm you might have wanted to check the system pics thread before posting that. There are a few proud owners there.

I’m fine with the grey. Less fine with the black knobs and buttons that are left behind.

But it’s nice way to package a well balanced system I suppose. I don’t get on with Focal sound but those Sopras are quite nice in grey.

But 100%, it was a weird thing to do.


I can assure you that I really don’t need to check the system pictures thread to know that I find these things ghastly, no matter how many ‘proud owners’ there might be posting there.

You could fill up the local 35,000-seat Amex (Football) Stadium with as many of these ‘proud owners’ as you could find, but it wouldn’t change my view that this was an appalling lapse of taste and judgment by whoever at Naim or Focal dreamed it up.

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As may be. But I’d not tell someone else their baby was ugly even if it was. :sweat_smile:

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