NAIM HQ new demo room photos

couple of photos from yesterday following visit to the mothership, new room - quite outstanding - demo of Statement and 500 system - great day, superbly looked after


zoom in on the Fraim! I have not seen it in this colour before?

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Difficult to tell looks like Ash, the only others are black ash or cherry?

@Gazza Walnut! looks stunning in the flesh, sorry photos on phone not great resolution


OK did not know they had that finish. Room looks do much better than when i visited, great showcase for their products.

I didn’t take any pictures, but I was amused to notice that on the Fraims at the back of the room there were a large number of black boxes, but also a chrome bumper 250.

@Eoink re worked heritage range :wink:

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The interior design doesn’t look too contemporary. Maybe it looks better in the flesh. Hope so.

@Christopher_M did not visit the old room, NAIM have don a lot of work on sound interior and with the system I heard it worked, Statement on demo will stay and 500 from Mike said and then 1 FRAIM will be used for other equipment demos

only comment first row of sofas were a little close to speakers for me

I don’t doubt that the music sounds fantastic in there. It’s just the look.

The wall slats are clever little wood diffusers. Jason also mentioned altering the direction of the slats on the windows makes a further difference o the room acoustics.

Hmm all comments a out the room, equipment, sofas, but no mention if it sounded any good :roll_eyes:

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Did they say where the old sofas went?

They were sold on eBay and the cash given to a charity. Too green for me.

Errr, that might depend on how you get on with big Focals, in this case the Stella Utopia Evo. I like Scalas and Kantas, but have never really heard a Utopia that I enjoy. It wasn’t offensive, just somehow not very interesting. The Statement clearly did a much better job of driving it than the 552/500 we also heard.

I’ve taken the excellent sound as a given. The thread is about the look of the room with the pics!

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Interesting the speaker cables are lying on the floor. No fancy widgets to suspend them.

Might that be a touch of … reality ?