Naim newby - completely lost on how to get started

I am a complete beginner to the world of vintage hifi.

I have however 20 years of engineering experience, a first class honours degree and design formula one cars for a living. But i am completely lost in the world of naim hifis and how to get started with a half decent budget system.

I have bought a NAC112, NAP150, CD5 only. No connects.

I wish to play cds and vinyl.

Question, what do i need next in terms of stageline, cables, power supplies and compatible turntable / cartridge?. And how on earth are they connected with which cables?

Any advice appreciated, Christian

@Richard.Dane will answer you very soon i guess. A compatible deck can be a rega rp6 or p8/ aria phono for instance.
Or a stageline/ flatcap ( phono and ps). The flatcap can power both the 112 and the stageline.

For details of how to connect your kit, you’re best bet is to look at the connection guide:

To connect the NAC112 to the NAP150, you will need a SNAIC 4. To connect the CD5 to the NAc112, you will need a standard grey Naim interconnect. Hopefully you have the link plugs for the NAC112 and the CD5. If not you will need them too. Have a read through here:

You will need some suitable speaker cable, suitably terminated with Naim SA8 speaker plugs at the amp end. NACA5 would be my recommendation - at least 3.5m per channel. Have a further read here;

Read through the FAQs and also through the manuals thoroughly. Does the CD5 come with its clamp? If not, you’ll need one of those as well. Any remote control included? If not you’ll need a Narcom…

Oh, and you’ll need some speakers too…

How about mains cables? If not, you’ll need two of them.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. Good start. I can manage all that.

What is a flatcap2?

And can i buy any brand of turntable plus phono stage from the likes of rega, and rca connect into the aux input of the NAC112 unit?

Finally yes i am searching for kef ls50 speakers, but open to suggestions. Room size is 5mx3m.

Make sure they are Naim mains cables. the standard ones are not expensive - it make s difference.

And enjoy the ride… :grinning:


It’s a dedicated power supply that can be used to give upgraded power to the NAC112 and also the CD5. It came with one SNAIC5 as standard, but to power two items you’ll need two SNAIC5s.

Yes. However you can also go for a Stageline and power it directly off the AUX2 (via SNAIC5) or from a dedicated supply such as a Flatcap2 (via SNAIC5 and 4-5 Interconnect).

Naim supply the cables you need in the box with their amps and sources. When new, they are included in the purchase price, so it’s not unreasonable to expect the seller to include them when you buy used items.

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Any joy? What happened next Fletch?

what’s new Fletch?

Hi all, i’m Being very patient and have not switched anything on yet. I have had to buy an extra naim snaic din lead. So I hope to fire up a cd this week. I bought an aftermarket din to rca for my turntable. Standby.
Just to confuse matters I have a naim dvd unit for cd playing. which I did not realise the dvd had a built in amp and 5.1 surround but am hoping that will still give a simple stereo output.
And put out another thread for advice on speaker cable so against am hunting down 3m lengths of naim cable or DMN. Regards, Fletch

Do you still have the CD5? If so, I would use that in preference to what I assume is a Naim n-Vi.

I’m not really enjoying this Naim ride. Having paid £50 for a Naim Snaic 5 pin din cable so I can connect a Naim DVD player with. Naim Nac112.

I now find that there appears to be two types of 5 pin cable! I staggered and completely peed off.

Here’s a picture of the very subtle pin spacing mismatch.


I have very little patience for these hi-fi problems. If I were in your shoes I would seek assistance from a local naim dealer - assuming that you have one within reasonable striking distance. A decent one will be more than happy to talk you through the various component types/ names and help identify exactly what you need to fire the system up and into action. You appear to have most of the boxes hence presumably only the odd cable required. My suggestion - it’s worth setting an hour aside and having a chat with your local dealer.


A SNAIC 5 is for connecting pre-amps to a PSU e.g. A Hicap to a NAC 112
What you should have bought is an interconnect cable. This has a different pin arrangement to a SNAIC.

See the FAQ for guidance on cabling.

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Fletch, this should help too.

I have read you helpful links above thanks.i understand that I need a din 5 180 degrees array. Not a snaic!

What isn’t so helpful is people are selling cables on eBay like below. Do I buy a snaic or not?

‘Naim Audio Snaic 5 Pin Din To 5 Pin Din Cable 180 Degrees’

Because many eBay sellers are stupid or crooks. It’s always best to do your homework first.

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If you want to ensure that you get the right cables I would avoid unknown sellers on ebay. Either buy genuine Naim cables from a Naim dealer, or go to a reputable company such as Flashback or Chord, who understand Naim gear. Tell them what boxes you have, and they will be able to supply the right cables.