Naim Olive

Yup, I have the same problem, which that’s why we have five hifi systems in the house, a sixth on loan to Daughter#2 and enough spare bits floating around to make a seventh, not to mention a 5.1 AV system in the lounge - where a spare subwoofer is used as “side table”.

Got a cupboard full of old camera gear as well!

As my wife frequently comments, “Stuff comes into this house, but never leaves…apart from the daughters!”

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The inside of an olive ixo. I guess it is an ixo 1.

Anyone knows the difference between an ixo 1 and 2?


Yes, the IXO2 was planned (would have been in 5 series casework) but never made.


I think CB Nait is better than Olive.

Finally gone olive with a 62/180 combo. Definitely a step up on vinyl replay over the XS and Stageline. HiCap next :smile:


Just setting up a ‘new’ Olive/CB backup system upstairs in my place, built up out of spare units, cables and my old Dynaudio 1.8s Contours with NACA5. Olive CDX/XPS (with SXPS Burndy), Hiline, Olive 82, CB 250 + CB Hicap. Not only did it work first time but the sound quality is pretty damn good for a backup system !

Nice that my old CDX/XPS is still performing well. :ok_hand:


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Hi @Dynaudio1 some pictures of your newly set up Olive / CB system would be very welcome :+1:


This should give an idea - so far I’m delighted with how this is sounding. I have to re-jig it to group ‘brain’ and ‘brawn’ and shift the NAPSC as far away as poss but as a first cut, this one is a winner.

The CD on the left is by Ahmad Jamal.

Added bonus - green and red night-time light show from the black boxes. Very cool !


@Dynaudio1 Thank you for the photo, that is a great combination of naim and I am pleased to know that it is sounding good - a few more shelves :wink: and a rejig and I am sure it will be even better.

Here’s the view including one of the Dynaudio Contour 1.8 speakers in bird’s eye maple. Not sure what the triffid makes of it ! I have the other speaker at the other end of the room - surprisingly, it works very well.

The finish on these speakers is lovely - nice looking as my Contour 60s are, can’t beat that old bird’s eye maple look for class.


Good point - I might well have a spare shelf for the middle.

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Middle shelf added, lower shelf for the NAP 250, XPS and HiCap, 82 in the middle and CDX on the top. NAPSC shifted to the right on the floor. Sounds even better !

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Ooooh! A Naim-green plant! Love it.


As I understand it, with that cheese plant, you could sell it and buy a full Statement set!

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Got a new HC Olive today, trying to move to a complete Olive setup for my Active mode, and another one in CB, except of course for the 52+SC and Ndac…


That picture looks familiar!

Wow, you’ve sure got some nice kit there.

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72 and 62 both from 1993


Both of these show what the latter, current CAD/‘non-artwork’ PCB’s look like.
Nice… :smile:

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