Naim owners Artwork

This is the only sculpture we own. It’s by Carol Peace. We bought it years ago at a sculpture park in north Devon.


A touch of Giacometti, nice piece.

A new picture has gone up on the music room wall:

Expertly framed print with UV/70 glass, and with an aged gold edged and delectable burl walnut veneered frame.


Nice frame, suits it very well. Why stop at uv70? Probably because the framer can’t be bothered?


Budget, the 99 costs a lot more.
It’s hanging in a room that is fairly well shaded from sunlight anyway.


The costs of glass such as UV and non-reflective has rocketed over the last few years

Just as an example, if the glass in your picture is 2ft square AR99 would cost the framer £45.50. UV70 would cost £22, making it £23 more. Just for interest, what did he charge and quote for your job and then using AR99?

It’s more like 2.5ft square.
Didn’t get quoted for ar99, except it would be quite a lot more.
It’s only a print, and will last fine in the dark recedes of my sun sheltered lounge.
The breakdown of costs was verbal in the shop, but the total cost of frame, mount, back-boarding, glass, labour, and VAT came to £473 :grimacing:

UV isn’t an issue in my lounge, however not sure about anti-glare or if there is a difference between 70 or 99 in that respect (?)

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No there’s no difference in the anti-reflection properties when the UV spec changes. As you’ve named it UV70 glass, that indicates it’s made by True Vue rather than Artglass that I use. In that respect, Artglass is a bit better on the handling of reflections and a little bit easy to clean.

That does seem expensive for the size of picture, but it does look nice which is the important point. Good to see you have used AR glass, which as you can see by scrolling through hundreds of pictures on this thread, people failing to get good shots of their pictures due to loads of reflections. And that’s what they see in real life too!

It was the classy choice of frame that bumped the price up, but was clearly what the picture wanted compared to the other score of less expensive frames we tried.

Also another charge addition for a thin gold lining on inner edge of mount (that edges the picture)
Can’t be seen in my photos above but in the flesh a nice touch.
Plus they attached the hanger cord.

Just checked: the label stuck to the rear states ‘AR70’
so the question is would i be better off buying AR99 in future?
They didn’t attempt to promote 99 in the shop, referred to it as art gallery standard.


It weighs over 7kg so used a couple of J hooks (in a V formation) in the plasterboard to hold it up safe.


AR70 is Artglass, so the better make.

I just calculated the cost to the framer of the two glasses at 2 1/2 square feet and the difference was £25. Not a great deal if you’re doing the whole job properly. I suspect that general framers won’t particularly promote the best AR99 because not many people request it and they don’t want to order 4 sheets in and have £500 of glass sitting in stock. I always use AR99 and I think carefully about where the picture is going relative the brightness of a room. Anything I like or valuable goes on a wall which does not face a window. At the end of the day, UV glass won’t save your picture from bright light.

Not usually one for stamps, however I felt this marked a point in history…


Jonathan Shaw original.


Jackson Pollock number 1


Sure that’s No2 :stuck_out_tongue:


…I must say, much as I like Pollock, I prefer the Clearaudio Concept underneath :blush:


Not gonna make a fish joke… :fish:…honest.

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I think you just did…:thinking: :rofl: