Naim Powerline?

Something I’d never heard of until I posted about my new Nova last week…the Powerline cable upgrade.

Did a little research, read some reports of an improvement, others less so.

Thought I’d turn to the knowledge on here…putting one through a Nova, is the upgrade worthwhile? Is it something that needs other aspects (say, room size, shape, etc.) to really gain the most from it…or is it really just a plug ‘n’ play improvement?

Guess I’m asking as it’s quite a, premium (shall we say) price for a cable! Got a bit of Christmas bonus left over, so considering doing such a move whilst I can!

Over to you…

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You will get a range of opinions here, from don’t bother to it’s a great cheap upgrade.

The only sensible way to know which camp you are in is to borrow one from your dealer and make your own mind up at home on your own system in your room and with your choice of music.


Some are ecstatic about adding a PowerLine to the Nova, e.g. @airedog

But it’s expensive and not everyone is ecstatic, so it’s best to try for yourself. If you don’t have a dealer who can lend you one for trying, you can buy a used one. If you don’t find it worthwhile, you can then sell it on without loss.


Yes, try one if possible.

I did add one to a Nova, and I’m glad I did. It’s stayed there since, with a minor detour to a Power amp before returning to the Nova.


Added a used one on mine and instant improvement in drive and definition.


I’d advise a pre-loved one. They crop up on eBay regularly. If it does nothing for your system you can always sell it on at zero or low cost. It’s worth a try and potentially nothing to lose that way. Hopefully you will get a bargain upgrade and at worst not be out of pocket.

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Instant benefits across the board on my Nova. I was sceptical but really pleased with my purchase. See if you can get one on demo or as has been said they do crop up fairly regularly on everyone’s favourite auction site at reasonable prices.



Much against my own better judgement, I added a PowerLine to my SuperUniti…….

For no reason that I was able to explain, the improvement in SQ was immediate and quite striking and absolutely worth the cost. I cannot imagine you will not see a similar outcome with the Nova.

BTW, if you can offer a scientific explanation, do feel free to share.



You HAVE to try for yourself.

I certainly am happy with it.

And it seems you found, Charles, that once removed you really missed it…

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I added one to my SU years ago and heard instant benefits. Still using it with my 272 and another with my 555PS which comes with a powerline from the factory, hint, hint.

If you’re not convinced, keep an eye out for second hand offerings and try one. If you don’t hear the results, move it on.

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Some have even heard a positive improvement adding one to a napsc.
One member even has one on his coffee machine.


Yes, for me a big plus on the Nova though I actually use it as a source (possibly not when I originally got a Powerline) via the analogue out which is not a typical way to use one and possibly fairly unique.

If you have a nearby dealer see if they can lend you one used for demos from the shop floor, chances are you won’t want to give it back and they might even do a deal on it as ‘used’! Powerlines are deceptively tricky to seat home properly especially with the Nova’s decoupled socket.

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Good reminder. @spongebob, when you have one, check Richard’s nice guide:


BTW from memory the Powerline does not go in flush with the socket on the back of the Nova - if it does I have to take another look at it!


No it does not, with none of the units. The pictures in the FAQ don’t show the gap very clearly, but a search for PowerLine will bring up many threads with confusion that is answered by more pictures. But common sense should help, too :slight_smile:


They are a nightmare to get in! You have to push them to the point you think your gonna break something… Then they click and hey presto…!

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In my experience, yes. Lower noise floor = more detail, clarity and better bass and top range, with more punch.


Never experienced this on mine. Maybe because they were used.

Or buy a used one — sell on with no loss (excluding postage) if you don’t like it. Or if you like what it does, keep it and smile.

Personally I feel the Powerline’s price is a bit steep (especially in the context of a Nova). But when it’s bought used, I feel less pain. And let’s face it, how to tell a new vs used Powerline apart behind your Hi-Fi rack…