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Hi all, I made some enquires today about getting my Supernait serviced. I was shocked when the dealer said turnaround is 6 to 8 weeks.
Wa ! ? # so long without serious music, plus over the holidays.
No way, this needs a rethink.
The amp is working OK albeit with a dim Naim logo & a few other signs that 24/7 time over the years are beginning to come into effect.
So a question to forum’ites who’ve had a service recently, is it really 6 to 8 weeks, and the same question to Naim …. @Naim.Marketing

Perhaps use Class A?


Hi Richard, yes I’m thinking the same.
Not sure how they are with Supernait with its internal DAC etc, their website only mentions the more standard amps.

Give Darran a call and see what’s what. He usually turns stuff around in a few days and is cheaper too. Support small business.


+1 for Darran at Class A. Quick turnaround. Authorised Naim service agent. Quicker. Better comms. No fuss. All taken care of. He’s serviced my XPS2 and Lingo 1. As an authorised Naim service agent your equipment will be looked after in best way.

I wouldn’t bother with Naim servicing unless you want DR or something special that Darran can’t do. I believe if you deliver to Darran and prebook he can turn around in a few hours.

He is the KwikFit of Naim servicing and provides a quality service.

Highly recommended.


I’m in the U.S. and just dropped off my 252 for service yesterday. The dealer sends it to Focal-Naim NA where the service center is in Canada. My dealer tells me they are on strict covid protocols still, and understaffed and backlogged as a result. He told me to expect a minimum of two months for repair.

I think Naim and Darran at Class A are main ones who are authorised.

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Not that I’m in the UK, but didn’t he retire a while ago or have I got that wrong?

Good point. My sn1 is now 14 years and it should go for a service indeed. Let us know your findings!

It’s not the most popular amp on this forum, but I love it. Good powerful amp, nice dac.

Darran celebrated his 60th birthday back in April, but I’m not aware he’s retired.


Naim have had my Supercap DR for a month now. I was hoping for a phone call this week but it looks like I might be waiting a while longer.

You are correct Richard. I was on the phone to him only yesterday. He’s still working hard!


Maybe I’ve been lucky but my dealer has always leant me an alternative when an item’s gone for service. Really appreciated it


I was going to say something similar. Though I’ve only had to ask the once, they lent me a NAIT5 whilst my 3 was being serviced. When I took my UQ1 for a service recently I did not ask again, as I can make do without. But certainly no harm asking!

I’ve had two SuperUnitis serviced by Naim in the last year. It’s hard to unpack the delay caused by my useless local dealer failing to organise despatch from their premises and later their delay in recognising that the box from Naim sitting in goods inward might be related to me, with the time in the process at Naim, but the first was about 8 weeks end to end and the second was about 5.

So I reckon with a normally capable and committed dealer, such as one of the several that get mentioned here often, it would have been about 4 weeks each time.

Mind you if the dealer hadn’t taken so long sorting out the first service, I might never have bought my nearly new Nova on eBay and that would have been a shame because as good as the SuperUniti is, the Nova is in several ways better.

I’ve had two separate services done by Naim & they’ve both been back within three weeks.

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+1 for Darran - he’s serviced my (previous) 82, HC & 180 - speedy turnaround & a pleasure to deal with.
The 52, SC will be going in the new year (when I recoup some funds!)

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It really does depend on where you are and what you need servicing.

For example, I have just spoken to the UK team, and there are still a handful of pre-Christmas slots available (though they’re filling up fast) if your service is something we have the components for.

DR upgrades are on pause until New Year, as production has priority for DR modules at moment, so we can fulfill as many back orders as possible before Christmas.

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Focal/Naim which was called Plurison, has been authorized and doing the work for years. they’re quite good apparently.

Focal Naim America in CA serviced my 72 this past April, even accommodated my request to change the BNC sockets to WBT NextGen RCA’s. Turnaround was 4 weeks. Excellent, friendly service from the whole team.