Naim Unitilite cd mech issue

Recently purchased a Unitilite. When the cd mech is returning to the start after playing a track & pressing stop, it makes a hard clunk when the sled hits the stop position. Is this normal, anyone here own one of these.

I owned a Uniti 2 with no such issue.


There are a couple of threads on similar issues with the Unitilite.

Can’t find them so thought i would open a new thread for this specific issue.

There’s this one:

or this one:

Hope you can find an answer to your problem.

I don’t have a problem with the drawer. Like the title says, it’s the cd mech that is the issue.

The original CD drive of my UnitiLite returned with a (sometimes) hard clunk. But it never failed when the disk were loaded. I had the drive replaced because the load/unload mechanism failed after 9 years. The new drive has a softer return to the the start position.

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