Nait 3R - Incoming

Yes, if it was 4 way - but its not… Its a ‘SNAIC 3’ …!!

However… It has been, for me, a useful learning exercise…

That is a standard Nait5 flexi link, it has four tracks, it’s a double sided ribbon (look closely).
However, it was not designed to be used with a converted Nait3. I wouldn’t recommend it either, as it over-stretches the ribbon & you will end up with broken tracks!
Use a Snaic4.



That… would explain why it doesn’t work as it should…

Recommendation noted. I have the choice of two SNAIC 4’s that I could use, from my ‘spares’…!!

Thank you… :slightly_smiling_face:


And here it is, powered up, with a SNAIC4 between the pre & power.

Fed from my CDX2 into my Kudos X3’s. Sounds pretty good…!!

As we now know it ‘works’, @Darran 's job is now just a straightforward service - no fault diagnosis or fixing needed. Job for July…!!


The Nait 3R was a special sounding integrated, especially when pampered to its needs. Paired up with a CD3, NAC A5 and some very easy drivers like Mission 752 or Rega Ela speakers and it truly did rock! Enjoy!

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Running now, with my CDX2 & Kudos X3’s. Later today - planned - with my partners CD5Si and Wharfedale Diamonds.

Hmm… Flatcap… :thinking:

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I have very fond memories of my Nait3. Got one for my 21st birthday. That and some Rega Kytes formed the basis of my University system. I sold the Creek amp, it replaced, to a friend and that started him on his hifi journey. He shortly replaced it with a Nait 3 also and sold the Creek to another mate and so on…


And here it is, in situ - many thanks to those who helped get it working! Loving it already …


I used a Nait 3 for years…having it serviced made one hell of a difference. They really do punch way above their pay grade!



It already sounds very good, but a service is on the To Do list…!!!

It took a good 2 weeks to sound its best after the service but it really is a fantastic little amp. The MM phono stage is really great too!


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The MM phono stage uses the 522 N boards - which are the same as those in the 102, 82 & 52.