NAP300 none DR

A few months ago, Naim introduced a policy if only offering a combined service and DR upgrade, which for the 300 costs £2k. So you pay a fair bit extra for a service that has already been done, and is clearly unnecessary. The same price would apply if you sent them an old unit that was badly in need of a service and needed a lot more work.

Wasn’t the policy that if you were having a DR upgrade it would only be done alongside a service but that you could still choose to just have service without DR upgrade?

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Don’t think you have to upgrade to DR at all, the non DR 300 is superb, especially a recently serviced one. The non DR 300 will be a significant upgrade and be part of
a well balanced system you can enjoy right away. It will pretty much maximise your 272 and after living with it for a year you may not want to upgrade at all, or decide to upgrade the 272 first.


That’s how I understood it yes.

I had my 300 serviced and upgraded to DR at he same time and i was left wondering which had the greater affect.

Yes, but the OP was considering a recently serviced 300. Having it upgraded to DR would mean paying for an unnecessary service. In terms of cost, better to buy the cheapest, oldest one you can find and pay exactly the same £2k price to have it DR’d, and give it a service that it actually needs.

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I agree. Trying to resist that temptation myself.

I agree @ChrisSU, it is my understanding from ‘Phil’ as was in Naim tech support at that time that they serviced the 300 PSU bit and replaced the guts of the amp bar the transformer, heat sink, fan and loom. So if you can find an old 300 with a nice case, by servicing and DR’ing you get a new amp. Mine worked out a lot cheaper than any 300DR I could find for sale.

Yes same when I asked about what is changed when DR a 250. You more or less get a new amp only keeping the box and transformer. Seems like they even replace the feats and connections. So it should be better purchasing older models and do a full DR and Service since you get a “new” amp.

Temptation has got the better of me and I have ordered the NAP300 none DR this will be arriving mid next week I will report back once things have settled in.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.


enjoy!! I’m sure when it settles in your smile will be a big one :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Look forward to hearing your impressions.

Bear in mind that you need a base and four levels of Fraim is you want to keep all three burndies off the floor. You can’t do it with only three. I bought an extra level for this purpose and put a NAT05 on it. With 272, 300, gap, 300PS, 555PS it works well.

Originally my Fraim consisted of two medium levels one base. Then I purchased an additional standard level to house my Bluesound Node 2i so my plan is to move the Node 2i (maybe the floor) so I’m hoping this setup will be high enough to let things hang loose.

That should be fine then, as two mediums equal three standards.

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Thanks HH. My current Fraim setup is as follows:-
Node 2i

My speaker cables are too short and only reach the base of the fraim so until I move house and order longer lengths of cable the fraim will be as follows when the 300 arrives:-

300 HU

This should allow the burndies to hang free, after the house move I will swap the 300HU around with the 300PSU.

It will be interesting to see how it works out. I could only manage it with the 555 at the bottom. I had to buy new longer wires in order to get the 300 near the top. Let us know what you manage to do.

Also worth bearing in mind that an upgrade to DR is around £1500 (according to hifi reviews I’ve read), if you can get one for 2k less, might be more cost-effective to go for it and upgrade when you can … if you can live without it for a couple of months …

I have ended up with:

left side

right side
SuperCap DR

I cannot add another level to the left (brain) side since there is a turntable wall shelf just above it. In any case I have not yet figured out how I can have the 300HU on the left side and dress the cables in a way they are off the floor. My present configuration has no burndies or ICs touching the floor.

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