New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

I would imagine they sound great but the coffin look, what is with that?


The leads from the tonearm are RCA

Quoting myself but yes, leave it in Standby and it well put itself in the power off mode. But the PS maintains enough charge to not need any ‘warm up’ period.

I think that’s pretty much the way the NDX2 works, isn’t it?


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Not quite.

Here is a daylight photo. The tt and phono stage (below the tt) have the logo set to dimmest. The PS (on the right stack) is set to brightest. That’s Elton John’s Honky Chateau playing on the Solstice. Beautiful music.


Looking lovely…….considering it took only two years and in the midst of a pandemic with Roy George and others working from home….it is a wonder they got it to production.


Perfect - thanks :+1:t2:

atb, Tom

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I’ll do an evening/dimly lit room shot this evening.

This is a very nice copy of this LP – a very early pressing and extremely quiet – but the music playing truly is goosebump inducing so I’d say that yes Naim got this tt right. (Still as-is out of the box; no interconnect has been swapped out.)


Looking good even if it is a bit shiny compared to the matt look of a Fraim and the other Naim boxes.

If it sounds good I am sure it will visually fit into my set up, although I imagine I would want to keep my Superline/Supercap if it is better than the new phono stage.


Struggle a lot with the collision between gloss fronts and matte Fraims and old matte boxes + green/white logo. I wonder what the long vision is here from Naim. Also not optimal with half boxes. To me the big thing with Naim Classics and Fraim is it looks so thought through and clean. Now it starts to break up :grimacing:

I’m sure it sounds great though but would have sounded even better in matte classic design :sunglasses:

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I’m highly unlikely to ever be in the market for one, but I do agree with the looks being out of kilter with the current Naim aesthetic. A deeper plinth covering half the height of the platter and arm mount would have suited me better.

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I have to agree really, it just doesn’t go does it, very unlike naim.
You can certainly see why they didn’t show it off on the fraim with naim kit, and chose a side board and no naim system


I think it looks great alongside the Classics.

The ‘half-size’ doesn’t obtrude, to me, at all either.
Weren’t some members longing for the return of shoebox size cases?

Honestly, if I were in the market for a not-Linn TT, I’d be hopping up and down waiting for the non-LE to be available.


Living with it in our home – I think it “goes” just fine with the other black boxes. I’m happy with the tt and the 2 half-size boxes on Fraim. The ‘different shades of black’ (different reflective values) seem a non-issue to my eye. But we all have our own eyes.


One for @Richard.Dane


If I had a Solstice, I would not put it on a glass shelf, but a more substantial platform like HRS on top of the Fraim.
Dunc had a heavy wood shelf on top Fraim, without the glass, under his SME. It sounds better.


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I am sure there is a lot of tweaking to be done……but for sure it was designed by Roy George to sit on a glass Fraim to get the sound Naim likes……others may have other preferences.

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Looking great Bart ! Congrats on putting all together and making music .

Imho, the Solstice TT will provide an excellent platform to build from. Changing tonearm cable, cartridge and phono stage will provide a plethora of combinations to choose from. Then there will be options for platforms, isolators, etc. This is just the beginning folks…

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