ND5 XS 2 or NDX 2 with Nait XS 2

My Nova, which is now in my office/media room.

Saves me from asking the question about the possibility of a nova! Obviously the NDX2 and SN2 must be superior.

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Okay, when I spoke to my dealer about the NDX2/SN2 versus the 272/250, he said the former, without question, as the new streamers are way ahead of the older ones. The only consideration is though, if you want further/better amplification in the future, you would have to swap the SN2 out for separates.

Yes, more so than I anticipated. I couldn’t demo the NDX2, so it was a leap of faith, and was well rewarded.

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I’ve had a similar system myself, I’ve ended up with a SN2 + HC DR + ND5 XS 2

I’m sure something like that won’t disappoint however you could spend more and have a SN2 + NDX2 for example or stick where you are with the NAIT XS 2 and ND5 XS 2 and be very happy with the setup.

Although the 272 is a very good preamp/streamer it’s an aging product built using previous generation technology and will not stack up well against any of the latest crop of Naim streamers. I’d say the sweet spot is a SN2 + NDX2 for a very good two box combo that replaces the 272/250 systems favourable in the past.


Thanks Mr.M, I am not too keen on older technology and perhaps Naim will update the 272 with a new model in the future.
I tend to think that the source is all important so wonder what benefits I would get with the NDX 2 rather than the ND5 XS 2 - the difference in price would allow me to add a chord hugo tt 2 (almost). I assume that the streaming section is the same but the DAC may be better in the NDX 2 - am I right?

Rather than an SN2 I was toying with the idea of a 250 power amp with my Nait XS 2. I haven’t asked for any dealer advice yet but my thinking would be ND5 XS 2 for now with Nait XS 2 feeding 250. If name then upgrade/replace the 272 then I could trade the ND5 and would end up with a very nice two box solution.
Any thoughts on this or am I barking up the wrong tree?

If thinking of trading in already before purchase just get 272/250 then trade old 272 for new 272. That is if it ever comes. I have my doubts it will ever arrive. I can say that even with the new streamers my “old” 272 sounds great still. :+1:That said I probably wouldn’t be buying a new 272 right now but a nice used one would be well worth considering.

Thanks Spurriersucks, I am trying to figure out the best course of action. I am not a serial upgrader and had thought that the ND5 XS 2 would be a good upgrade (very expensive by my standards) with speakers to follow at some point.
However my listening area does not have much flexibility and my good woman would have to be really convinced with the look and size of any new speakers.
The ND5 XS 2 that I picked up the other day has a non-performance affecting defect so while I wait for a replacement I have been reading up and wondering if it is my best course of action.
I know it will seem strange to some but I do not like the thought of anything pre-owned so brand new is my only option.
Any thoughts on my consideration of a 250 power amp on the end of the Nait XS 2?

Ive owned an XS 2 twice and there will likely be a 3rd in the future. I think it’s a great IA. Adding an ND5XS2 to that should make for a great system. I had a ND5XS with my last XS2 and only reason I moved away from it was to get my current 272/XPSDR/250dr. Depending on room and speakers that XS system could be all you ever need. If o hadn’t changed homes and speakers I could easily live with that combo. I am wanting to add that very system to my other room replacing my UnitiQute. Which is also my second Qute. I’ve had a Uniti 2 and a SN1 fed by Qute as well which has been my least favorite Naim system. I don’t see any reason to add a 250 to an xs2. Before doing that I would get a SN2 which is supposed to do give everything the xs2 does buy more. Haven’t heard one personally but supposed to be a massive step up from SN1.

Thanks for sharing your valuable experience, much appreciated. So no real benefit to adding a 250. I have had my XS 2 for about 2 years and am really pleased with it, adding the ND5 XS 2 instead of my Oppo 105 (great DAC so I thought before getting the ND5 XS 2)and that’s before it has run in (no point doing so yet as it will be replaced) with another one.
How much of an improvement did you find the 272/250 all be it with an external PSU?

I should say that I only play music from ripped CDs to an HDD attached to the ND5 XS 2 and tidal.
One advantage of the Oppo was that I could select artist or genre for example and shuffle all tracks within the category but the Naim app doesn’t appear to give that functionality. Is this correct or is there a setting somewhere that I have missed?

Honestly I only had the 272/250 about 2 weeks before adding XPSDR. I bought all the same time but had to wait on XPSDR. Once I put it in I never took it out so I’m not real sure how much of a difference it made. From everything I read it made a huge improve the. lol.

I think you need to make playlist but I haven’t tried to shuffle my music.

Daft question but how do you create a playlist and add albums/tracks on the app?

From the start I wanted a small box count and settled on a two box system. I migrated from a ND5 XS > XS 2 to a NDX > SN2, then to my current system which is a NAS streaming to the NDX 2 > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > NAIM Ovator S-400. The NDX 2 & SN 2 sit on Quadraspire Q4EVO Bamboo 3 Shelf Rack. System photo here.

I listen to ripped CD’s and downloaded albums via the NAS, subscribe to TIDAL (hi-fi) streaming and on occasion internet radio. I am quite happy with the SQ but will concede that there are many possible ways that SQ may be improved. Fortunately I feel I have a system the meets my needs and fits into my life style.

Having read through a lot of threads using the search function I discovered that a lot of people are very happy with their systems, whatever that configuration may be. So demo at your dealer, home demo if you can and find the system that makes you happy. …things can always change, time and money, and of course patience.

Good luck with your search and future decisions!


After lots of consideration and debate I have settled on the NDX 2 and Supernait 2. Just waiting to hear when they will be available.


Wonderful news, this is a very fine 2 box set up and I am sure you will be delighted with your choice - enjoy!

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Just like my set up then…Wow