NDS+555DR vs. NSS333+555DR

Long shot I know, but has anyone made this comparison?

Or perhaps NDS VS. 333 with different PS?

And you’ll also get opposing views if more than one person has done the comparison😅

That’s what makes this all so much fun :smile:

I have listened to both the NDS 555PS and 333 with 300 NPX. But that is not what you asked Stu.

You need the legacy cables to get things running. The 333 is a step up from NDX2. It sounds different to NDS. A touch clearer, brighter than NDS which is velvety and more organic sounding to me.

I haven’t tried the 333 with a 555PS and I doubt many would have.

If I was going for 333 I would get a 300NPX rather than spending the funds on cables, and would be looking at building a 300 system.

As it is I would more likely buy a used ND555 if anything at all. Prices are going down for the ND555.

You realise when they bring out the new 500 series there will be a new streamer.


Hi @Stu299
I didnt make the comparison directly, but I made the switch you mention.
This was my first post on the topic:

and then this was the post where I talked about the ‘why’ and what I thought about the differences:

Im still very pleased with the combination.
It avoided me having to change multiple boxes and lose money, and Im still convinced that the 555PS DR does an amazing job.
I dont wish to add to my box count, and I know my SN2 is the weak link - I will change it to either next gen Naim integrated to enable the kit to work seamlessly together, or A N Other integrated, depending on what comes along.

Hope this helps?
See if you can get a demo maybe, try it out for your own ears?


For someone owning already the Nds/ 555 dr, it’s better to go for second hand Nd555 , instead of 333/ 300 ps. Less expensive and better sound, as the reviews have pointed.


An option is also to up the streaming section on NDS with an external streamer/bridge. I’m super happy with my upgrade and will keep my NDS as a DAC now and I can update the streamer part only when it gets dated.


Thank you I’d missed that :+1:

I really feel that at your level of system it doesn’t make sense to mix typologies of design. I’d look for a good buy on a ND555 or stay where you are. Add a ND5 XS2 as a transport if you want the new streaming technology.


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