NDX2 - Album Art versus "Now Playing"

I would like the possibility to have the “Now Playing” screen on the front panel to be the default by choice, rather than just the album art. Currently I have to select the button on the remote which will display “Now Playing” but only for a couple of seconds or so, before switching back to the album art. If it would stay that way until physically switched back, that would do the trick. The alternative is to use the app, which invariably means waking my iPad and then giving it time to catch up with what the NDX2 is doing: all a bit clunky.
I would like to be able to just glance at the front panel and see what track is playing. This would be especially useful for classical music. I could to this with my ND5-XS, although admittedly there was no album art, which I do enjoy.
Is it possible to do this? Am I just missing something in the settings? I don’t think so.

No. no and yes, I’m afraid.

Unfortunately the screen implementation is very poor, it’s the way it is I’m afraid

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Thanks Mike, as I thought. That and the inability to select servers on the input menu are a couple of obvious missteps, I would say. I’m pleased that I just have it on demo.

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Fortunately, it sounds great. Hopefully some of the display issues will be refined by Firmware updates at some stage. The Uniti range has the same issues.

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