NDX2 and NSS333

Can someone explain for me the difference(s) between an NDX2 and NSS333?

Is it an updated product better than the NDX2 but lesser than the ND555?

Does it replace the NDX2?

Or is it a parallel product to fit in cosmetically?




Perhaps Steve can tell us……its a good question @110dB

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I’m pretty sure naim have said bit above NDX2 but below ND555.

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I know tech specs are not everything but I am struggling to see a difference apart from the fact the 333 uses a cheaper dac chip. The streaming board is the same I assume so that just leaves the output stage and the fact it is a balanced design. Those things can make a huge difference though


naim have already explained they use only a fraction of the 1791 chip (rest of work done in custom processing) and the “cheaper” chip in fact sounded better in listening tests on the new implementation


Naim should pull their finger out and make clear what each of the range provides.

I do think it might be fairly obvious, though, that any box without balanced connections has a very limited shelf life left.

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Hi John, Steve Sells posted this at one point.

and @blackbird posted the following helpful physical comparison:

Naim haven’t stated where the hierarchy is, they have different price points, and at a guess the answer would be listen and evaluate for yourself, but maybe not. Steve did give a personal view on the performance of the new NPX300 in comparison to the XPS2 and 555PS supplies, so he might here.


There’s a desire by some to equate the NDX2 and NC streaming/dac but as has been explained by Steve the NC streaming is quite different from the old classic.

Must be right then :wink:

Quite tricky to manage a product transition I suspect. Getting the balance of selling current boxes whilst releasing new ones is never going to be easy…… balancing what’s fair for customers and still making a profit.

As an NDS/555 owner I will be interested to hear how the new streamer sounds.



Now there’s a surprise… I’m guessing it’s a tarted-up NDX2.

It’s a new streaming implementation and deployment so it should not be a surprise if the SQ is improved over the NDX2. And anecdotally that’s proving out. YMMV.

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Forum members just keep winding themselves up into a frenzy

Why don’t they just go and listen to the two streamers side by side

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Or just listen to some music instead.


Good point :+1:

But I smell an upgrade is in the wind for you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Over my Naim years I have always understood the hierarchy and could explain it to a mate if asked.

I’ve no idea the difference between these 2 products and the ones outlined in this thread, 3 banks of something or other vs 2, cheaper DAC chip, balanced outputs and smaller analogue stage aren’t making things any clearer.

No frenzy, just a query as to what the differences are and how they might affect the sound.

You’re obviously lucky enough to be near a dealer who stocks these and would apparently let you demo them both. I don’t have this luxury. You wouldn’t be a decent old chap and do the comparison and report back?

Many thanks.


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At the High End Munich, Jason Gould told the press that the ‘New Classic’ Line and the ‘Classic’ Line will co-exist, until demand ceases or when certain components are not available anymore to build new ones, whatever of those two comes first.

The same question was asked ‘what about the NDX2?’. The same evasive answer. I guess it is quite simple: new line goes with new line, old with old, and if you wish you can mix and match.

New Classic is the new direction in form factor and also in how to configure the stuff: one power supply that rules them all, the 2 series being pre & streaming + power + 1 optional power supply and the 3 being streaming + pre + 2x mono power + 2 optional power supplies.
I think that’s a very clear hierarchy. To me, it is less confusing than the old classic line, which I never understood.

It would be great if a new 1 series would emerge too, basically replacing the XS line / SuperNait : a pre & streamer + integrated (which could be power only when combined with the streamer) + 1 optional power supply.


Unfortunately SJB I’m not interested in doing the comparison even though I would be able to do so when my dealer receives stock of the 300 series

I have a NDX2 ( had about 6-9 months) and not interested in jumping on the streamer ladder further

I’m sure there will be forum members and hifi reviews emerging over the next few months that will do that comparison and will report here



For the streaming (and other input) capabilities they are very related; like the whole family based on very similar streaming boards is. Naim hasn’t added anything here, AFAIK.

Obviously NSS333 is “matching” the interfaces of the NC series - balanced analogue output and the new (optical) remote control.
(Which could be one reason to choose NDX 2, if you have a classic pre-amp you want to integrate for volume control/input selection. As I understand, for control, NC only talks with NC, and classic with classic.)

And sharing the same power supply options within the family. (With some cross-options, but then you need to dig into it.)

So, in addition to aesthetics, you will usually want to stay “in the family” for any new complete systems.
From that perspective, they likely fill (roughly) the same spot in a different “family”.

As for audio quality: no clue, haven’t heard them. :slight_smile:

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