NDX2 + Nait 1

If I was to connect an NDX2 to a Nait 1, which lead would be needed?

5 pin Din to 5 pin Din ……… the grey ( lavender one ) that would come with the Naim streamer

Ok great Thankyou.

Do all Naim sources use the same 5 pin din setup?

I’m pretty sure they do. Some also offer switchable RCA (the NDX2 does), and IIRC the Atom HE has a few funky connection types for headphones and XLR preamp out, and some other pre>power connections are XLR, but yes, DIN has been their connector of choice for plain sources.

Out of curiosity, why do you ask?

A rhetorical question? Or did you buy one and I missed the pics!!?

Well, I have bought an NDX2 (which I sold pretty much everything bar my kidneys to fund) and it will arrive early next week. Since I have sold everything, I now don’t have an amp so I am looking for a stop gap solution whilst I save for a supernait 3 over the next 6 months.

I keep toying with the idea of getting an old nait so i can spend some time with some of the classic gear. Also it won’t break the bank and is a nice compact size for a second system in another room.

I’m still not sure though, as part of me feels that the cult following of the classic amps is likely mostly nostalgia and that I might end up regretting it and end up wishing that I bought a used nait 5si.

As for the question, I am aware that Naim use the Din connectors but there looks to be 101 different types and to the uninitiated it looks rather confusing. I previously had an Atom and a nap 200 so quite simple in terms of connections.

Any advice is welcome.


The FAQ here should help. Have a read through some of the topics about DINs. This is a good place to start;


I have both a Nait 2 ( serviced) and a Nait 5i. The 2 is beautiful and will always have a place, the 5i sounds better.

Edit after following post: I also have an xs-2. If you are looking at mission creep, you could get one of these for not much more than a Nait 2. It is far better than either the 2 or 5i ( as it should be).


Mark - as much as i like my little Nait 1 (working here with my NDX2), I’d look at something like a Nait XS which is a cracking amp. You also have a remote (and can enable system automation too if you want) which also may be important to you.


Hi James thanks for the reply. They look so good together!

I didn’t want to get an xs because it means the extra money required will prolong the time it takes to get a SN3. My idea was to grab something quite cheap.

How do they sound together though ?

Yeah I assumed that would be the case. Do you mean the 5si?

Cheers for that Richard.:+1:

No the earlier 5i. Not much money for a very good amp and has a remote.

If this is a relatively short term solution and you want something cheap you can also use a power amp rather than an integrated. You would probably need to use an RCA lead, or have a lead made up depending on the power amp.
This is possible because the NDX2 has a variable volume mode, which you would need to enable to avoid putting a max volume signal through your speakers.


Hi Mark - Finding a sensibly priced Nait 1 or 2 may be more of a challenge. Mint versions with a recent service go for very good money. It works nicely with the NDX2 and the little Nait sounds far bigger than it’s 15w or so rating, but be aware of the limited range on the volume control (and imbalance on channels at the lower end of the volume control). Within its limits it is a fun little amp and shoe box Naits are for me, such lovely looking little boxes too.

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Yes I’ve thought about this option. I have a hypex power amp in the cupboard but it just feels wrong to use an NDX2 in this way :thinking:.

It may not be the way Naim intended, but it will work fine. I tried my NDX2 into a 250 out of curiosity and although it sounded better with a proper preamp in between, it really wasn’t bad at all.
I guess I’m just questioning whether you need to spend more cash when you could be saving it towards your final choice.

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Hi Mark. You seem to be overthinking this. All you are looking for is an amplifier to give you music while you save for a Supernait 3 over the next few months. Why not just buy something cheap and available, which doesn’t have to be Naim? Maybe your dealer has something they can lend you, particularly as you will be making a significant purchase in three to six months.

The NDX2 comes with a Din interconnect, but you can just as easily connect using an RCA phono lead to an amp without Din sockets. The less you spend now, the quicker you get the amplifier you want for the long term. Just get the cheapest thing that’s vaguely decent.

Having just seen that you have the Hypex amp, the simplest option is surely to just use that. A RCA lead is all you need. You risk losing money on anything you buy and then sell. So that’s two free options - the Hypex or borrow something from your dealer or maybe a friend.


Yeah i agree… I’d rather not spend anything but it might be difficult to deal with it if it doesn’t sound right. I’ll test it first.