NDX2 Screen Freeze

I have a Naim NDX 2 the unit is running the latest firmware and is connected to a fully wired internet connection. The unit has operated flawlessly for the last two weeks. However today the NDX2 screen has frozen, the unit still retains full functionality via my iPad and the handset I can get back to the Home Screen but the album art is stuck. Is there a simple way to resolve without performing a hard reset? I’ve emailed Naim support to make them aware but wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem.


Just a few


Seems to be a common problem. I’ve had my new NDX2 for a couple of weeks and its happened on 3 occasions. A reboot solves the problem. I understand from another thread there is going to be a firmware update for this.

Thanks for that I don’t want to reset it because it’s a hassle re adding all my presets and sys automation settings.

Just do a full power down (hold the power button in) without a reset, that’ll do it

Thats what I meant, just didn’t explain myself very well!

Yes, it’s in Beta and should be released soon.

Thanks Richard!

Yep. Its annoying. Screen freeze. Or even blank screen. If the latest firmware due this week does not fix it ( as promised) I’ll be into my dealer.

Thanks everyone for the help I powered down holding the off button in. This has worked, regards Mark

Yeah my screen always freezes or goes black. Really frustrating for such an expensive piece of equipment… is it even worth sending it in to be fixed if it’s a common problem?

Have you reported it to Naim tech support. If not, please do so. There is a firmware update currently in beta test that is designed to fix, but it would be good to let Naim know just in case.

Is it worth getting it fixed? Yes!
If the long awaited, much promised firmware does not fix, mine will be exchanged for new.

I’m am somewhat pisssed that Naim thought it ok to send it out to a customer like this. I’d be sort of more understanding if they’d explained that it was not up to their usual standards. And a fix was on it’s way. But no.

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